• Heart-to-hurt moments



    JOLLIBEE profits top P6 billion in 2016. They should be happy instead of making us cry.

    * * *

    News: KLM tests facial recognition to ease boarding without passes. Our Bureau of Immigration is quite ahead of this. There is already ease of boarding for passengers on WLO and HDO lists. No face recognition needed.

    * * *

    Read how media is treating a controversial senator with these headlines:

    De Lima gets ready for arrest order from court
    De Lima bares fear of being an ‘EJK’ victim
    De Lima prepares for the worst
    De Lima wants ‘safe and secure’ detention cell
    De Lima fears for safety if jailed
    De Lima ready with bag of clothes ahead of impending arrest
    De Lima ‘prepares for worst-case scenario’ in possible arrest today
    De Lima fears for life under looming arrest
    De Lima prepares family ahead of ‘expected’ arrest
    For one reason or another, it is not difficult to decipher why.

    * * *

    Senator Richard Gordon: Wally Sombero, an alleged middleman of gambling tycoon Jack Lam, has to answer a lot of questions about his involvement in the alleged bribery of two Bureau of Immigration officials.

    This is the reason why these hearings are important. Maybe they’re tiring or a waste of money to some critics but it was during these hearings that the public came to know that a retired policeman has a bank account balance of more than P20 million. It was also uncovered that Sombero was able to get past the BI scrutiny and was able to leave the country for Singapore.

    And because of these hearings, an ex-BI exec in the P50 million bribery case was suspended by the Supreme Court from law practice.

    * * *

    An example of how a newspaper can mislead readers by its headlines

    The headline reads: “Senate won’t allow arrest of De Lima.”

    Then followed by:

    The Senate will not allow Senator Leila de Lima to be arrested inside the session hall, and will insist that the rule of law be followed, Senate President Pro Tempore Franklin Drilon said on Monday.

    Next paragraph:

    But Drilon, who is acting Senate President in the absence of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III who is abroad, conceded that the Senate cannot stop the arrest of De Lima, who is facing possible drug trafficking charges before the Department of Justice (DOJ).

    See what I mean?

    * * *

    News: GMA seeks extra P25k income tax exemption. “An additional exemption of P25,000 for each elderly parent shall likewise be allowed to the individual taxpayer; provided that the elderly parent is chiefly dependent on and living with the taxpayer,” Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo stated in her proposed bill.

    This is one legislation worth a thousand hosannas and very timely. The elders paid their dues when they were young. It’s about time their loads are lightened in their sunset years.

    * * *

    Erap backs planned smoking ban. Smoking the brands “Lucky Strike” and “Camel” are not exempted.

    * * *

    House approves bill extending passport validity to 10 years. While they are at it, they should lessen the requirements of new and old applicants. Why impose stringent rules to acquire a travel document? In fact, the DFA should open offices in all regions for that matter.

    * * *

    The weather bureau on Tuesday recorded the coldest temperature in Baguio so far this year, making it the perfect cuddle weather for lovers spending Valentine’s Day there.

    The mercury dropped to 8 degrees Celsius in the City of Pines at 5 a.m.

    * * *

    Here we go again.

    INQUIRER: Abella contradicts Andanar on P2B Duterte aid

    MANILA BULLETIN: It’s P2B for quake victims – Abella

    THE MANILA TIMES: P2B aid for mining communities – Palace

    ABS-CBN: Palace execs differ on Duterte’s P2B pledge for Surigao

    Abella: “The P2 billion [President Rodrigo Duterte] talked about was for those affected by proposed mining closures that the government would provide if and when it is implemented,” he said in a text message.

    Another P2 billion, he added, was for medicine for indigents and rehabilitation of drug dependents—again, not for Surigao.

    “I think there is confusion about the P2 billion. I’m not really sure. But there was P2 billion released last year for medicine and drug rehabilitation,” Diokno told CNN Philippines.

    * * *

    Placard-bearing students from the University of the Philippines trooped to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Quezon City Monday to seek full disclosure of its mining audit that led to the closure and suspension of 28 big mining companies.

    Two weeks ago, Lopez announced that out of the 41 operating metallic mines in the country, 23 were up for closure, five will be suspended and only 12 passed the mining audit.

    Before, they wanted erring mining firms closed down, now they want them to open.

    * * *

    Why do we give assistance when someone passed away and fail to do the same when one was alive and needed it most?

    * * *

    Post-Valentines notes:
    Dear friends, may “PASOK” ngayon…. yan ang “HUGOT”…

    Be careful. Wives nowadays may possess “actionable intelligence.”

    One lady told me that sex is always on my mind. Don’t you think that she should appreciate and feel safe that “it’s only in my mind?”

    Last February 14, I wanted to eat a burger and cry at the same time. So, I went to Jollibee right away.

    Notice to all: February 14 is a working holiday. Courts are open, especially the one called “Victoria.”

    On celebrating February 14, please be reminded of Republic Act 10354, better known as “The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012”. You may also note that the total population of the Philippines is now 102,250,133. Easy, easy….

    When still single, the tab is on men. When married, it’s a joint account and I can’t complain.

    Somebody asked me why Valentines Day is always represented by a heart as its symbol. Does he really think that a kidney, liver, brain, or intestine will be more romantic?

    Valentines Day is the day your wife wonders why you bought again another refrigerator when you just gifted her with a brand-new ref the other day. Ooops!

    When one gets older, that’s the only time we understand what the phrase “stupid Cupid” really means. Thank you, Connie Francis and Mandy Moore.

    “Stupid Cupid you’re a real mean guy

    I’d like to clip your wings so you can’t fly

    I’m in love and it’s a crying shame

    And I know that you’re the one to blame

    Hey, hey, set me free

    Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me.”

    Marriage is dating on February 14. On relationships, this is where the calendar gets mangled.

    For those who like buying fireworks and firecrackers on January 2, better pricing of flowers and chocolates are surely available the next day, which is February 15.

    Heard that someone had the bright idea of selling a valentine card for mothers-in-law. But it was immediately discontinued and dismissed as non-moving items.

    Your husband or boyfriend is a double-timing miser if he purchased a Valentine card with a tag “buy one, take one.”

    Of course, it is nice to hear and say “Happy Valentines” but was it not sweeter and more “kilig” before when we were younger sheepishly saying… “will you be my valentine?”

    I really don’t mind if someone will greet me Happy Valentymes as long as I’ll be greeted Happy Ester come April.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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