Heartless Aquino regime kills, brutalizes hungry farmers


Yesterday morning, in Kidapawan City, N. Cotabato, the Aquino regime once more added a page of horror to its well-established record of heartless cruelty to victims of poverty and injustice.

At about 11 a.m. Friday, the regime’s militarized PNP, directed by national and local officials, violently–and lethally– dispersed farmers and their families begging for food, demanding more serious government attention to their miseries. They had punctuated their protest by occupying a segment of the Cotabato-Davao highway at Kidapawan.

The Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), the League of Filipino Students (LFS), and the Kabataan Partylist Group issued statements condemning the killing of three farmers and the wounding of at least 30 and maybe even scores of victims, including children, in the PNP’s brutal dispersal of the peasants and Lumad (indigenous people).

According to UMA, “Those who were dispersed were part of the 5,000 strong contingent of farmers, agricultural workers and Lumads who barricaded the national highway of Davao-Cotabato. They were demanding immediate relief such as the release of the calamity fund and rice due to a 7-month old drought in the province.”

UMA Chairperson Danilo “Ka Daning” Ramos demanded that those responsible for the carnage, especially those who ordered the shooting down of protesters, should be held criminally liable. “These include national government officials, including President Benigno S. Aquino himself, who are indifferent to the plight of the common people already suffering severely because of the drought. You do not shoot people who are merely asking immediate assistance from the government,” said Ramos.

He added that “Most of the country is under drought conditions including rubber plantations in Mindanao and sugar plantations in the whole country. Will this government murder peasants and indigenous peoples in other places when they decide to assert their rights including cultivating lands for food consumption out of necessity?” Ka Daning asked.

It should be remembered that the Philippine government’s handling of peasant problems has always been bloody and violent. “These include,” the UMA statement said, “among others, the Escalante, Mendiola, and Hacienda Luisita massacres. If this is how the present government and the next one will handle issues of peasants in the coming days and months, they should prepare for the wrath of the common people whose options are not only limited to asserting their democratic rights in the streets.”

The Kabataan Partylist and the League of Filipino students held a joint protest yesterday afternoon. The youth partylist congressman, Rep. Terry Ridon, called the violent and fatal dispersal “state-sponsored terrorism.” He said the “El Niño victims were only calling for the immediate release of the emergency fund and aid for their starving families. Ang panawagan ng mga magsasaka ay bigas, pero ang pinaulan ay bala [The farmers were asking for rice but they got a rain of bullets.”

“This latest fascist move is testament to the disdainful height of impunity, insensitivity, and callousness of the Aquino administration. Where else could one find a government that offers bullets to citizens who ask for food and immediate relief?” Ridon said.

“We also condemn the local government in Kidapawan that resorted to violence instead of heeding the farmers’ demands. We cannot emphasize enough how brazen and outrageous it is for law enforcers to take lives when all the people ask for is immediate relief amid the drought,” Ridon said.

“Let me say in no uncertain terms: shame on both the local and national governments for not only failing to respond to the urgent needs of El Niño victims but for taking lives and inflicting serious harm on the very people they vowed to serve. Blood is in their hands – and we demand justice!”

He called on “each and every Filipino to support the farmers in these trying times. Our drought-stricken farmers have been doubly hit – first by El Niño and second by government incompetence and state fascism. The farmers need everyone’s help – both in concrete terms and in bringing to justice the perpetrators of this state-sponsored act of terrorism.”

State of calamity for ARMM and Regions 9, 10, 11 urged

Even the former Aquino Cabinet’s “Secretary for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization”–one of the regime’s three Cabinet members for agriculture who have all been found deficient in performing their assigned tasks–has condemned the violent dispersal of the Kidapawan farmers.

Apart from condemning the brutality against the farmers and Lumad, former senator Francis Pangilinan, who resigned from the Aquino Cabinet last year, also asked for a swift investigation of the “incident” and an explanation from PNP leadership how it happened that crowd control protocols were violated and caused this tragedy.

He also sought immediate medical attention for the victims and the urgent release of the calamity fund that had already been allocated for Kidapawan since it was declared to be in a state of calamity some time ago.

He urges that Regions 9, 10, 11 and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) be declared to be in a state of calamity because the farmers there have been suffering from El Niño for months.


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  1. Raul Brungon on

    And who will benfit from all of these?. An exiting President? Wow!That’s why he doesn’t want to stay. Like you who are very eager to give this country to the communists, for you to stay evil. . forever. Mind you, there is an end to all of these evilness. God always watch this fragile world.

  2. And yet Noy’s always scaring the public about going back to the old days of “the dictator”? Look at him now! Even with all of Marcos’ faults, he would not do anything that is not covered by law. For example, he would declaire a presidential decree of no public assembly.

    Here, the Aquinos mouth that they are the champions of democracy but what do they do with it? Why, not even their own hacienda farmers can speak to them without ending in a massacre like the Hacienda Luisita and Mendiola incidents.

    Those who tgink of him as “good and honest” president should start seeing the light.

  3. Why blame pnoy? Why not blame the corrupt and lazy congress and senate who did nothing to help their regions and people they supposed to represent idiots.

    Yes, they too have a share of the blame.
    But the man who has control of the guns of the military and the PNP is BS Aquino!

  4. Dr. Vic Sanchez on

    Benigno Simeon Aquino the 3rd’s days in his presidency are nearly dying. Yet his regime has been doing some abhorrable killings of our hungry food makers — the farmers — from Kidapawan just because they are begging for food from his government to eat!

    Now, let’s come to think of this and ask ourselves: “Is this not worst than the Martial Rule of then President Marcos?”

    • cirilo Monterola on

      it will happen to all of us for this method of Heartless Regime kung itutuloy ang tuwid na daan ng Aquino Administration. We will stop this silent killing of his owned people with various incidents as an evidence of this heartless leadership by voting the right person in the right position from president down to lower rank and position of this government of ours. Please help us God and those helpless hungry farmers going home with a bullet planted in their bodies due to their valid demand of rice for foods to their families.

  5. charlie mejos on

    tsk..tsk baka isisi na naman kay PGMA yan. At saka di ba sabi ni coloma minimal ang effect ng el nino? Walang katulad ang gobyernong ito mas masahol pa sa mga demonyo.

    • joi maravilla on

      Yes..they are always downplaying. Kahit sobrang serious na ng kaso.Laging ganun..kakasawa.

  6. “Heartless Aquino regime kills, brutalizes hungry farmers” -my heart is broken upon seeing what happened to the farmers being wounded and the two of them passed away. But after seeing the full video of what happened, we cannot be biased in favor to the protesters….better think again of your headline…First and foremost why blame it to the Aquino Administration? the police is just on their last resort after the protesters go wild… Aquino has nothing to do about it dear…. next time try to way things if you really want a “JUST” judgment. Or try to reconsider the rules and roles of the different departments in the public sector…,,not pointing all the things to Aquino Regime. Just saying.

    • SeryosoKaBa? on

      Ma’am. The President of the Philippines is the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. Siya po ang sinusunod at sa kanya ho galing ang kapangyarihan upang pagalawin ang pulisya. He may have not been there, but the actions of the police will always be overseen by him kaya higit sa lahat siya po ang dapat rumisponde sa pangangailangan ng mamamayan. Ikaw po kaya? Higit sa 8 hours kang magtrabaho sa ilalim ng araw habang ang gobyernong kumuha ng lupa sayo di ka man lang mabigyan ng makain para sa anak mo? Ano nga ba gagawin niyo ho?

  7. Danny Cascolan on

    XKidapawan shooting of hungry farmers ));
    Tangin## LP!!! P#TANGIN##A!!!

    Safbobo may video hinahabol ninyo bumabaril sa farmer na tumatakbong papalayo, wala man lang first aid sa mga nakahandusay na sa tama ng bala.

    Sa Kidapawan NFA warehouse may bigas pa ba? Nasaan ang bigas?

    2 Bilyong Pondo para sa Magsasaka sa paghahanda sa tagtuyot alam na darating isang taon pa ang nakaraan ay inipit ng Malakanyang DBM Abad Aquino??


  8. Ang martial law nuon ay para sa mga komunista na gustong maging komunista ang ating bansa, hindi sa mga magsasaka. ang magsasaka nuon panahon ay sagana sa pagkain ang Pilipinas, iyan ang kaibhan ng administration ito na masahol pa sa martial law..
    Fee your mind, about martial law why it was declared during marcos time…because of the father of this irresponsible leader of yellow government in this nation..

  9. This is sickening and sad! Very sad! The government’s reaction to our countries problem is heartless! Enough of this! There should be change or people will be walking in the streets from north to south from east to west. Then there will be chaos! Greed for power is intoxicating, people who have power crave for more to control That is why the rich want to be richer because they are getting a high with the control on the poor. it is a high that will soon disappear when they least expect it.

  10. Kawawang ‘Maroxas’, kulilat na nga, nadagdagan pa ang kanyang pasanin dahil sa kagagawan ng mga alagad ng administrasyong Aquino.

  11. renato irlanda on

    the aquino administration was warned beforehand about the el nino weather phenomenon that will hit the country, and alcala and pangilinan twiddled their thumbs and wished to high heavens that the weathermen were wrong.the DA had the budget to use to find ways and means to fend off the ill effects of el nino. the budget was converted to pdaf and the poor farmers got the press releases on how the DA will solve the el nino problem while the senators ,congressmen and their benefactor Janet Napoles with her mentor Butch Abad merrily danced their ways to the banks.you fight el nino with irrigatation not with press releases
    pinakakawawang mamamayan ng pilipinas ang mga magsasaka. sinalbahe na nga ninyo sila akalain nyong pinagbabaril pa ng walang kalabanlaban

  12. What a TRAGIC event at a time that the country is in the nick of making a selection as to who among the current political aspirants can lift the country from the morass of socio – economic hardships we are now entrenched!

    Here is one instance that these aspirants should in unison demand for the administrative suspension of all those directly involved in the carnage. The DILG should should immediately convene a judicial body to investigate and punish the erring parties. In a tandem act, the DND and DA should pave the immediate extension of calamity assistance to regions and communities severely affected by the offshoot of El Niño. For once, Prioritizing Mindanao!

  13. Andi Juliano on

    “Yesterday morning, in Kidapawan City, N. Cotabato, the Aquino regime once more added a page of horror to its well-established record of heartless cruelty to victims of poverty and injustice.”

    Really? This government is that bad?

    You people should stop shooting from the hip and wait for the facts to come out.

    Remember how Persida Acosta vehemently attested to the innocence of the husband whose wife and child were murdered with a hammer? Well, it turns out the husband is the prime suspect for the deaths.

    No wonder Duterte is doing so well in the polls. If that guy becomes president, all people who talk without thinking (and unfortunately all oppositors too) will get their mouths sewn shut permanently!

    • michelle flores on

      pataka ra man kag storya oi…kana ra imong baba tahion ni duterte ky tsismoso babayote

  14. Dinia Santos on

    Pnoy will pay for every atrocity done during his term. He is the worst president the Philippines has had. I am not sure now who is worse between Pnoy and Cory-kong. The thing is Pnoy does not seem to realize that he has so many sins to the Filipino people up his sleeves. He has no contact with reality. He is seriously ill. Doesn’t he look like it? Well, there is such a thing as karma. He will suffer more than his mother did. And I won’t ever feel any pity for him.he is doomed.

  15. It’s so sad for the aquino adm to spend millions or even billions in campaign sorties and ads agst its rival candidates than to extend help to these farmers and their families who have been left out from social and economic development .rather than giving them what is due them ,they received bullets and drastic action from the govt. .into ba ang tuwid na daan? Insensitive to the needs and pleas of the poor and hungry farmers? Time to reflect countrymen .remember these people when you cast your votes come election day! Give them the justice that are due them

  16. Edong Mapangarap on

    Heartless? or a certified mental fool? these are signs of things to come…..
    maybe its time for somebody TO SLAP THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC to wake him up and act NOW! anyone? maybe thats all it would take!..
    those farmers are HUNGRY AND DYING! while the LP’s are spending BILLIONS in campaigning an incompetent and hopeless candidate, Pnoy continues the blame game and campaigning his fictional komiks hero and his Manchurian candidate. His last days in office and WE ARE STILL COUNTING BODYBAGS! and untold miseries…..Election is over – the yankee lady is PROGRAMMED TO WIN.(right Mr. Brown?) …mark my word-its over!.

  17. And the GHOSTS and ECHOES of Mendiola Massacre, Hacienda Luisita Assault.

    The footprints and fingerprints will lead you further to the truth. It is spelled A-Q-U-I-N-O’-s
    And hey wait! the same clues will lead you to the SAF44 carnage-debacle of Jan 25, 2015.

  18. Josemakabayan on

    Nasaan kayo mga pulitiko ng kasalukuyang nagagawa ng protesta ang mga nagugutum na magsasaka na humihingi ng pagkalinga????
    Ngayon na may mga namatay at mga nasaktan na saka kayo magsisidakdak na para bang kaisa kayo sa kanilang mga hinaing!!!!!
    Sa mga namumuno ngayon ano ang kaibahan ninyo sa martial law regime noon???? Di ba ganito din kayo ngayon??????