Height of corruption

Ej Lopez

Ej Lopez

Our people has long accepted that corruption is prevalent in government and that it has reached even its highest branches. People even believe that it is human nature to be corrupt when you talk of and deal with money.

But when criminal offenders, while even in jail, can continue to direct their illicit activities speaks of how low the nation and its leaders have sunk.

It is as if the tentacles of evil have engulfed the entire spectrum of our society. What can you expect from country aspiring to be an economic leader in the community of nations when corruption continue to menace the most basic requirement of peace and order?

It is unthinkable that anomaly this big could have been carried out without being noticed by authorities of the National Penitentiary.

In this shameful incident, no official should be allowed to escape responsibility.

Imagine occupying the highest position in the penitentiary and not even bothering to look into the details of the turf? It is like operating a business without knowing what you are selling, not knowing what goes on outside your office a typical management style of bankrupt enterprises.

Christmas around the corner
The Christmas that normally comes during the merry month December has again put the metropolis in quandary as far as traffic situations and peace and security is concerned.

We can always say that the police is responsible for peace and order. But as a concerned citizen of this country, we also have our responsibility to be committed to the cause of peace and order. We have to acknowledge the fact that the current 1 to 700 police—people ratio is not enough to protect us. According to sources, it will take another 3 decades to achieve the ideal 1:500 police-people ratio.

People should at all times be vigilant. Sometimes we unconsciously provide these lost souls the enticement to commit mischief by the manner we present ourselves.

We should not give space and reasons for these criminal elements to harm us. In this period and season of merriment, it is better to be generous and vigilant at the same time.

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  1. You see things very differently to me & so does most pinoys.You all know corruption is going on & you all accept it as part of life. Well we from the west see things very differently to you. These senators have sworn to defend & protect & whatever the people of th philippines & the philippines itself. Prisoners have pledged nothing of the sort. So now these certain rich prisoners are only looked aafter because of corruption, weather it be helping certain politicians or helping someone who helps politicians & thus he gets rewarded. When a politician will steal millions of pesos from this country that he knows should be going to help the poor of this country & you find out about it you should all be outraged. The death penalty should be bought in for those people as nothing is beyond them. Because they have grown up knowing about how corruption works they see it as their right. They never admit they did it, they always swear their innocence & always remind you of their religious beliefs. Just look at all 3 senators in jail now still appealing for bail, not a single one of them will accept there is any evidence against them, yet from what ive heard & seen its overwhelming. It maybe a lot of circumstantial evidence, but the more there is the less chance its just circumstantial & not real. They think we are all stupid as for year in year out the filipino has been stupid & blind to their blazen attitude to corruption. They should either be punnished with death or spend the rest of their lives in prison & in a normal prison at that living the life that every poor prisoner has to live & all their familys worldly goods , assetts & anything financial attached to them should be taken from them as punnishment. Let their familys see how the poor have to live, then hopefully they will regret what they did, but i doubt that i think they will only regret getting caught.