Heightened alert for PNP


The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Monday said all its units will be on a heightened alert status during All Souls’ week from October 29 until November 3.

According to PNP Director-General Ricardo Marquez, he has authorized unit commanders to upgrade the alert status depending on the situation in their operating areas.

The police will secure cemeteries nationwide as well as airports, piers and bus and train terminals where people are expected to flock.

“We will intensify our police visibility operations in places where people are expected to flock during All Saints Day like cemeteries, churches, ports, airports, bus terminals and other places of convergence,” Marquez said.

“The PNP will also put up police assistance desk in the places that we are expecting the people to congregate on All Saints’ Day,” he added

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) also on Monday conducted a surprise inspection of bus terminals in Pasay City (Metro Manila) in preparation for the All Souls’ weekend holiday.

The LTFRB said it will issue special travel permits for city buses to travel to provinces because of an expected 30 to 50 percent increase in passenger traffic before the holidays.

Its chairman Winston Ginez nearly lost his temper during the inspection after some drivers of colorum (illegal) buses gave several excuses why they violated the law.

Ginez ordered Elavil Tours, which operates buses bound for Samar, to stop its operations starting November 4 and fix its unpaved terminal.

LTFRB inspectors also found seats in Elavil buses that are in excess of the authorized number of passengers.

Super 5 buses were found operating without franchise papers and with improvised plates. The bus dispatcher, however, voluntarily removed the license plates of its colorum buses.

The inspectors also found the terminal of EJC Bus lacking ventilation. The bus company was also flagged for collecting fees from passengers for the use of its toilets. Its buses also have damaged windshields.

A DLTB bus from Samar that arrived in Pasay City was also flagged for its broken windshield.


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  1. the news is amplifying the PNP’s “securing” of cemeteries? What’s going on, the cemeteries are tied down or fixed in place & nobody can’t take them away from where its located. Maybe its the wrong choice of word or description by the police correspondents.

    You guys should straightened this out or else people outside of the country will be frightened on what’s going on in RP, as if the dead has to be guarded so as not to get lost of the site.