Hello Gorgeous! Caffeine Eye Serum


    Nowadays, we usually spend most of our time facing computer screens or fixing our gaze on our mobile devices. Even in the early hours of the day, we sacrifice hours of sleep to work or play.

    As a result, our eyes get puffy and the hours of sleep we miss turn into bags that pile up under our eyes – making us look more tired than we actually are and leaving dark circles around our eye area.

    Fortunately, skin care has become a priority in the beauty industry and there are a lot of products on hand to address this.

    While a lot of these products are imported from either Japan or Korea, the Philippines, has a hidden gem that caters to the skin type of Filipinos as well as the Philippine environment.

    Hello Gorgeous! is a shop that offers homemade products that address our skin care needs and also has a line of make-up products that are fresh and vibrant.

    Among the skin care products of Hello Gorgeous! is my personal favorite, the Caffeine Eye Serum.

    It’s a roll-on serum that can reduce the dark circles around the eyes and even bring down puffiness without breaking your bank. You can own the serum for only P200.

    The Caffeine Eye Serum is made up of natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, organic Arabica coffee, and vitamin E. Coffee is not just for that morning pick-me-up, it can also do wonders for the eye area. Caffeine can shrink the blood vessels under the eye area, reducing dark circles and puffiness.

    Use the serum twice a day for better results.

    Aside from the wide array of skin care and make-up products that Hello Gorgeous! offers, another thing about the shop that captures the eye and loyalty of its customers is its affordability and ability to vibe with the younger generation.

    Their packaging is trendy and witty, guaranteed to catch the interest of make-up and skin care enthusiasts.

    If you’re considering a skin care regime, consider going local and trying Hello Gorgeous! It just might be the next big thing in beauty.


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