• Hello Kitty the Impersonator


    As a cat person I am not all that amused that Sanrio Corporation, creators, marketers and vendors of Hello Kitty, recently announced that she is not a kitty after all. Bizarrely, they now claim that she is someone called Kitty White who lives somewhere in the United Kingdom (a cat loving country from forever). According to Sanrio now fifty years later, Kitty White was Hello Kitty all this time. Where is she? Produce her credentials please so we can have proof of this personage that has cat whiskers and cat ears but is not a cat. It is confusing. We demand a plausible explanation.

    Anyway you look at it, we have been misled and defrauded. After all, this Hello Kitty creature presented herself with feline characteristics. Cat whiskers are unmistakable. You see them and you know they belong to a cat. What was a person doing using them? Now it turns out she was not what she pretended to be, and in fact was impersonating a cat when she was a person. She was an impostor.

    Meanwhile, with her impersonation she lured us into buying all kinds of products from dolls to bags to school supplies, to clothes and branded paraphernalia that compared to their unbranded equivalents cost an arm and a leg. And we paid.

    For the truth is, Hello Kitty preying on cat persons’ feelings for cats, has created for herself a huge following (of bewitched fools, apparently). I myself for 50 years or from the creation and my two daughters, all their lives. They grew up certified Hello Kitty fans. Must cat lovers be hoisted on their own petard by an impersonator?

    We thought she was feline and now it turns out by specific declaration of Sanrio that she never was a cat but a person. Again we say why did you put whiskers, cat whiskers, on her if she was not a cat? Sanrio’s lame elaboration is that Hello Kitty was never presented on all fours, she always stood on two legs? Maybe so, but isn’t that what Mickey Mouse and clan do–stand on two legs even if they are mice? Standing on two legs for Barney the dinosaur, and Felix the other cat, etc. is a cartoon convention. We all know that. Why is Sanrio all of a sudden being technical?

    Anyway, after all these years, fifty in fact, of impersonating a cat and raking in millions on that basis, I think 50-year-old Kitty White who supposedly is a person living in the UK has earned enough to reach the age of public cartoon retirement. Please let her get out of the impersonating business and put a real cat in charge.

    Well, this is one way of getting over the traffic, the public transportation mess, rainy weather, impeachment articles, investigations and all those heavy clouds.



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    1. Atty. Roslee M. Formoso on

      I don’t understand your writing, what I know is “Hello Kitty” is a Japanese Products for bags,pencils, pads, caps, pencil case and so many more. Who is this one in Europe human kitty you are referring, everything you wrote are confusing?

      Product “Hello Kitty” is protected by Patents and Trademarks, and Internationally Known, it has several protected Pat and TD marks registered in several countries including the Philippines. Originating country Japan is a member of WIPO, World International Patents and Trademarks Organization, were the Philippines is still applying for recognition.