Help Bohol


Dear Sir:
Our family has been to Bohol twice for short vacations and we had a great time. It’s a good place, with good, hospitable people, good food, and historical churches. We could not imagine Bohol will become a scene of death and debris. It is so heartbreaking. One could not really tell when natural or man-made calamities strike.

Our government, our armed forces and police, volunteers and other people concerned like the business and private sector are joining the effort to help victims of the Bohol earthquake. This is a call for all Filipinos to give, donate and to volunteer their services to the devastated province. Boholanos need our help and those fortunate enough to have visited Bohol in its prime and have interacted with its simple folks feel their grief and suffering. It is the time for us who are fortunate to be safe to be not only their heroes this time but their sort of saviors as well.

Ms. Ana B. Linjoco
Kamuning, Quezon City


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