Help! There’s a cockroach: SKorean emergency services shames time wasters


SEOUL: An emergency call center in South Korea released a list on Tuesday of the most ridiculous requests for help it has received, including one that concerned a particularly large cockroach. Staff at the call and dispatch center in western Incheon city, which handled around a million phone calls last year, voted for the 10 most inappropriate requests for assistance made to emergency services. “We’ve got a roach here… a real big one. Please take care of it!” was one caller’s urgent predicament. Other callers had an array of bizarre “emergency” requests ranging from needing help obtaining the phone number of a popular movie star to a plea for assistance hailing a taxi in the rain. One female caller asked for guidance about how to make her ex-boyfriend come back to her. Another caller informed emergency services they had lost their mobile phone “somewhere on the mountain” and required help locating it. An 85-year-old man rang the 119 number — South Korea’s equivalent of 911 — after his children chastised him for having a romantic affair in his twilight years. An official at the call center told Agence France-Presse that they could only dispatch emergency workers to actual crisis situations.



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