Helped by communists, oligarchs demonized Marcos to conceal their rule



I’ve written several columns debunking the Yellow Cult’s distortion of the history of the Marcos era, certainly not to defend the strongman. Indeed, Marcos’ biggest crime was his failure to prevent the country’s steep recession in 1983-1985, which explains much of our quagmire to this day.

Rather, by exposing their deception over Marcos’ demonization, the basic problems of the country can be revealed as clear as day: A greedy oligarchy unconcerned over, even blocking, the redistribution of assets and radical basic reforms that could improve the lives of majority of Filipinos.

Other strongmen in Asia who had much worse human rights records had not been similarly demonized. Two of these are Indonesia’s Suharto, whose 17-year regime killed at least 500,000 Indonesians of Chinese ethnicity and South Korea’s Park Chung Hee, with his infamous, dreaded Korean Central Intelligence Agency. (Park’s daughter Geun-hye was even elected President in 2012).

Why, in contrast, has Marcos and his rule been painted so black, that none of his accomplishments are recognized, and that there is even opposition to his remains’ burial at the military’s official cemetery? (That martial rule wasn’t all bad is indisputable: the average GDP growth rate during Martial Law — excluding the recession from 1983 to 1985 — was 5.6 percent, higher than under Cory Aquino, when the pace of growth was at 3.4 percent and Ramos, at 3.5 percent.)

There has been a practical reason for Marcos’ demonization. It was a major project, ironically, by both the Communist Party of the Philippines and the oligarchy, since this advanced their respective agendas.

The communists’ objective was to expand the organization and get sympathizers in a country extremely anti-communist because of Catholic Church dogma (that the communists were atheists) and the US cold-war propaganda. And to them the only way to achieve that was to portray the Marcos regime as a ruthless, fascist state.

The communists realized early enough that its political program, encapsulated by the slogan plagiarized from Mao Zedong’s writings — the toppling of “US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic-capitalism” — wouldn’t in a hundred years rouse the masses to revolution.

Game of thrones? The Marcoses and the Lopezes (Eugenio Sr. and Fernando, who was then vice president of the country) in happier times.

Game of thrones? The Marcoses and the Lopezes (Eugenio Sr. and Fernando, who was then vice president of the country) in happier times.

The massive student demonstrations in the first quarter of 1970 were a big lesson for the communists. These broke out not because of protests against the US bases, landlordism, or corruption, but because of the police brutality against student demonstrators — for the first time vividly reported by media — that occurred at Congress right after Marcos delivered his 1970 State of the Nation Address.

Plaza Miranda bombing

Learning from that episode, the Communist Party undertook the Plaza Miranda bombing of the Liberal Party’s miting de avance in 1971, and blamed it on Marcos to depict him as a ruthless fascist. (The Liberal Party knew it wasn’t Marcos, but played to the communist’s script because that allowed them to win the senatorial elections that year.)

Middle-class organizations and clerics supported the Communist Party and its front organizations, not because they believed in Marxism-Leninism, nor in the communist-led “National Democratic Revolution,” but because they were hoodwinked by communist propaganda that Marcos was a fascist in the same mold as Hitler or Mussolini, and that it was their moral duty to fight the regime.

Most of the reports on Marcos human rights abuses have been by communist cadres. One “victim,” who seems to delight in relating his torture story of how his penis was electrocuted, headed the Party’s  dramatically called “Explosives Movement,” which developed the NPA’s lethal mines that horribly killed or maimed Philippine Army troopers, and which is now considered by the civilized world now as weapons against humanity.

The Indonesian communists couldn’t do what the Filipino communists did — exploit Suharto’s human rights abuses — because they were literally  exterminated by the strongman in 1965-1966, so that his atrocities would come to light only in the 1980s. In contrast, except in cases where they were killed in firefights with the military, most Filipino communists lived through Marcos prisons to join the revolution. Jose Ma. Sison, furthermore, a former English teacher and frustrated writer, wasn’t a communist theoretician, nor a mass leader: his skill was in demagoguery and propaganda.

The Communist Party’s propaganda and intellectual assets have, therefore, been fixated almost totally on projecting Marcos and his successors as American-supported fascist regimes: US-Marcos, US-Aquino, US-Ramos etc., which must be overthrown by force. So much so that other than “agrarian reform” and the “anti-imperialism,” few people don’t’ really know what they stand for now.

The Left has even totally abandoned the working class, allowing BS Aquino to boast that there had practically been no labor strike and that the communist movement had gained no amount of significance under his term (excluding Hacienda Luisita, of course.)

Why would the oligarchy want to demonize Marcos? Because that conceals their greedy class rule, unchanged since the nation was born, strengthened through martial law, and which distracts us from looking at the real basic problems of the nation, which is the oligarchs’ unequal hold over productive assets.

The Ayalas

The Ayalas cleverly portrayed themselves as being anti-Marcos after 1986, with its propaganda coup being its patriarch’s, Don Jaime Zobel’s, joining Cory Aquino rallies in 1985-1986. But there was, of course, Enrique Zobel, an avid Marcos supporter, who actually led the Ayala conglomerate’s phenomenal growth during Martial Law. Why shouldn’t they have supported Marcos? The South Luzon Expressway Marcos built opened up the vast Alabang areas, which the Ayalas owned, for Ayala’s residential and commercial development. Without their monopoly status (Marcos classified the beer industry as “overcrowded”), San Miguel Corp., which the Ayalas, with the Sorianos, owned until 1983, couldn’t have become the country’s biggest conglomerate at that time. (And when for some reason, Marcos allowed Lucio Tan to enter the beer industry in 1982,  the Chinese businessman was called a crony by the oligarchs!)

These are only glimpses of the oligarchs’ support for the Marcos regime; most of them, of course, condemned him when he fell.

The Lopezes, the country’s epitome of the political-economic-cultural elite, were one of the few oligarchs Marcos attacked, as they were the most involved in politics and had the resources to overthrow him.

In just weeks after they returned from exile, President Cory Aquino turned over to them the power-distribution monopoly, Meralco, payment for which allegedly did not include its huge Martial-Law capital investments. They moved fast into power-generation and water services with huge loans from the state-owned Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). Two Philippine Daily Inquirer columnists, the late Neal Cruz and Conrado Banal, reported that the DBP wrote off P1.6 billion in loans to Lopez firms in the last decade.

The Lopezes’ ABS-CBN Network has been a powerful molder of the Filipino mind since 1986, and, therefore, a most effective tool for Marcos’ demonization. It was sweet revenge for the Lopezes: How dare a politician from the poor North, married to a commoner from Leyte, which was the source of the sugar industry’s near-slaves called sacadas, imprison the Lopezes and the Osmenas, the vanguards of the country’s sugar oligarchy?

In contrast, Indonesia’s Suharto had not attacked any oligarch when he grabbed absolute power in 1965, except his predecessor’s military men and the Indonesian Communist Party. Although his regime killed thousands of Indonesians of Chinese ethnicity suspected of being communists or communist sympathizers, Suharto made cronies out of the rich Chinese, such as Soedono Salim, giving them lucrative monopolies. As a result, when Suharto fell in 1998, there were no powerful oligarchs like the Lopezes in our country who went after him, in life and in death, and demonized him.

The Aquino-Cojuangco oligarchy

What kind of oligarch rule was restored? The Aquino-Cojuangco oligarchy managed to impose a fake agrarian reform option, “corporatization,” or the fraudulent transformation of farmers into shareholders of a firm “owning” the hacienda. The clan would block its hacienda from being put under real agrarian reform for 25 years, until the Supreme Court had to rule against it — costing Renato Corona his Chief Justice post. Such has been the power and greed of our oligarchy.

Because of their demonization of Marcos, the oligarchs made us believe that the country’s basic problem — with the strongman as a model — involves entirely the President, whether he is corrupt or not. Most Filipinos still have that view.

Prodded by Western governments and big businesses, the oligarchs have succeeded in creating an economic-policy environment, in which they were basically allowed to do what they wanted, justified under the ideology euphemistically called “neoliberalism,” but which means nothing but unbridled capitalism.

This has resulted in such things that hinder our development as weak government revenues, because of massive tax evasion by the oligarchy, and the consequent underinvestment in quality education for the masses and infrastructure. Under oligarchic rule, there has been, of course, a dearth of reform that would have converted part of their super-profits to better wages and living conditions for workers. The country’s inheritance laws merely transfer one oligarchic generation’s wealth intact to the next generation, perpetuating their rule.

It has resulted in the weakening of the state apparatus so much so that oligarchs have captured regulatory bodies, among them the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the National Telecommunications Commission.   The most scandalous instance of such regulatory capture  has been the Indonesian oligarch Anthoni Salim’s building of a Philippine conglomerate in the public utilities sector — an area off limits to foreign investment as mandated by the Constitution. President Fidel Ramos deregulated the telecoms industry in 1992, leading to its turnover to Indonesia’s Salim and Singapore’s Singtel.

President Duterte had referred to oligarchs only once – a month ago. I hope he realizes that drug lords aren’t the more serious enemies of the nation, but the oligarchy.


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  1. I always look forward to reading Mr. Tiglao’s article. Before, I was a Marcos hater. But subsequent numerous articles in the present times of the social media revolution opened up my eyes to the revisionism of the yellow cult.

  2. Sorry if this is off topic. Just wondering if Mr. Tiglao still writes for the Times? Haven’t seen his columns lately.

  3. Mr. Tiglao, would you please be interested to write the clear history of the Philippines? The politics and personalities behind it? Who are the heroes and the crooks? I’d be looking forward to that!

  4. Saved this article for my children and grandchildren to read and understand the many important historical information of the Philippines where their parents originated and how those times may have had an impact on their lives in the future Thanks for writing this article

  5. Paolo Alexis Falcone on

    The president indeed knows that the oligarchy is his biggest enemy. The moves to reform the constitution are constantly being demonized in media ever other day.

    Expect the bad raps from media and “experts” from both left and right sides against moving to parliamentary form, or federalism, or economic liberalization to go even harder once the smoke from China, the drug war, De Lima, etc clears.

  6. Gina Hermosura on

    Without the Yellow you cannot write what you are writing and commenting right now and your beloved President is not sitting on that throne right now. Keep well

  7. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The oligarch made up of the yellow cultists started in 1986 and hopefully would be dismantled or weakened by the present administration placed us in the economic situation we are in. Who knows, their leader, who has been lately replaced, might be involved in narco politics what with the discovery of the big shabu laboratory in his turf. They wanted so much the Nobel Peace Prize but ended up with nothing compared to the Colombian President Santos who did received it lately. God bless the Philippines.

  8. Rizal Bonifacio on

    That is why I consider you as a pen genius Mr Tiglao. During my stint in the middle east, I am already an avid reader of yours even though most of your write ups at that time was against to where/whom I believe in simply because you have vivid picturesque of what you are writing. As an activist during martial law that is you, I can not argue with your experience but I still contend believing with President Marcos because it was what my heart was feeling at that time up to this time. Thank you for contributing to rewrite our history by ferreting out the truth that only you people could tell exactly what happened at that time.

    In my memory, President Marcos if not ganged up by the western mafia and the local mafia e.g. the Philippine Oligarchs is I think the greatest president that the world has ever produced. Anyway that is now water under the bridge.

    Mabuhay ka!!!

    • Rizal Bonifacio on

      Pls write something about the outgoing Chairman and Administrator of SBMA and his loyal armies who served as his deputies who are now posturing to take the limelight from the now appointed Chairman Martin Dino and the soon to be named SBMA Administrator.

  9. Well written and well researched! For the victims of martial law: During those times the law was approved by majority in congress. That was how democracy works. Other implementation maybe wrong and good governance cannot be perfect anywhere else. Why blame the government? Those who went against the government then knew that if caught they will suffer in any way unimaginable and they took the risk. The students then were carried by the sentiments of that time, even believing all propaganda against the government. Others were fooled to joining the active leftist groups and they suffered. The voices that cried were listened to and the media manipulated all issues against the government, their own government as if they were not part of it, Perhaps Marcos had done something wrong and we have to recover what he might have stolen from the government. But if we believed stories about the Marcos wealth(more than USD47billion), then we should have paid first around USD47billion of Philippine debt which the government borrowed during Marcos’ rule. The reduction of our foreign debt could have benefited all Filipinos not only the victims of ML. And, the beneficiaries of corrupt oligarchs are the ones destroying the image of our country until now.

  10. The true measurement of integrity and credibility of a leader from the President of the Philippines down to the lowest level could not be measured in color or oligarchy. Simply, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT YOU FEED TO YOUR CHILDREN. Tell me if there is a politician NA HINDI GALING SA PAGNANAKAW ANG KINAKAIN NIYA AT NG PAMILYA NIYA. That could only prove that there is no corruption if you find one politician with integrity and credibility. The way it goes, the future of the Philippines is dark.

    • Try analyzing Jesse Robredo. The houses of Barangay Captains of Metro Manila is bigger than his. There is even potholes in front of his home. His house could have even been bought during his managerial stint in San Miguel Corp

  11. Let us focus ourselves now on President DU30, we have to convince him that he is not on the job training as President but actually the President of the Philippines. He is no longer the Mayor of a City but the President of a
    country…I m sure that all of us fans of Mr Tiglao can be a force if we convince the President to change his demeanor and act Presidential wherever he is ,because he is now in the major league of world leaders who represent an entire country.
    Exposing and addressing the problem on drugs,criminality and corruption is I think the right direction to change the country..
    Asserting our independence from other countries is refreshing.
    Our position to achieve peace by talking to the CPP-NDF, MILF, MNLF,and confronting the Abu Sayyap prove that we are resilient and can be united as a nation.
    Can we ask now our President and his alter egos ,the Cabinet Members, to talk publicly under a coherent statement base on clear coherent domestic and foreign policies?

  12. The oligarchs will used anything and anyone to further their gains. Left wing or right wing. For me, to have a harmonious society, I think the best way is to aim for the center. This government is aiming for the center. Too much to the left is too much, and too much to the right is also too much. This government is trying to bring back policies towards the center. Since for much too long our politics n the PH is far too much to the right, it is only right and proper that the policies is pulled down towards the center. This for me is the idea that socialism brings. Duterte is, for me, more of a socialist. Trumps is too much of a capitalist – unbridled it would be. I rather like the socialism that has evolved in many of the countries in Europe. For these countries have learned from their dark pasts, when aristocracy (i.e. oligarchy in PH today, in the U.S. businesses) ruled over and above everyone. That is why in Europe, they fear the triumph of a Trump. For Trump is a symbol of unbridled capitalism. That is what he would be. Would he protect the interests of the worker? I doubt very much. There is a conflict of interests there. So he can’t be one to represent the interests of the workers. I don’t know what he would promise the workers if he wins. The TTP that the U.S. is promoting is being opposed by many in Europe. Reason – it is giving too much control over businesses. In a world growing global – businesses and religions are becoming more of a threat

  13. I think I have a different view of looking at Martial Law. If we were to look back Martial Law and review it once again, we would have a different judgment based on the atrocities of martial Law. Believe me! I would not discriminate and downgrade, discredit and question the discipline the Martial had been given to the people, had it not been for the Martial itself the causes of so many human rights violations, corruption and murders by either those in power and moneyed people conniving with those in authority. The same Martial law that gave discipline to the people on one way and the same martial law that destroyed itself on the other way. Why was it so? Because the same Martial Law that provided the Oligarch and powerful moneyed people and leaders to live on high beyond touched and reached by the Philippine law: they did what they could. Philippine is controlled by the Oligarchs ever since. By Martial law time with so many decrees that were promulgated by Ferdinand Marcos to protect himself from what he wanted to do in the Philippine in its people and businesses, he thereby became another oligarch of the nation he tried to take out from the oligarchy. By so many decrees of Martial Law, Ferdinand, and his cronies were able to enrich themselves beyond question without naming them anymore, we know them, right?.
    I feel sad always when I look at our political history and everydays’ stories of the people because we become always the instruments overly used in the electoral process and supposedly the end users of leaders grandeur political platform that turned out to serve only our leaders’ whims and caprices. Where shall we go? Where are we now? We are suppliers of workers in the foreign land far from their families and loved ones.
    Any dictatorial forms of governance, like that of Martial Law time, can only be good if the head of the state is genuinely good and honest, selfless and without inclination to use power and influence to enrich himself or herself, relatives and cronies. We don’t have yet that kind of quality of a leader at this time: he or she is not yet born. In fact, I do always find my head scratchy to know many provinces, districts and cities and towns being ruled from governor to Mayor or Vice Mayor or representative in congress from the same family tree for many years. Are they not themselves an Oligarchs by power and wealth of their own place? We need laws that can help our leaders transfer this power and wealth to others. We need laws that can let the Oligarchs feel their obligations to pay well their taxes for the Filipino people to live well. We need laws that even leaders themselves are not beyond touched and reached by the laws themselves. We need leaders who can make theses laws effective. We don’t need martial Law; we don’t need dictorship. We need good leaders who can make the Laws work and effective in a democratic country. Democracy is the law of and for the people, anyway.

  14. Mr. Tiglao, your view of the post-Martial Law era is indeed eye opening. Coming from someone who was detained during the dark days of our state, it is refreshing to read a point of view which is significantly different from what the mainstream media wants us believe.

    I’m hoping that you could also share your insights about the supposed “nakaw na yaman” of the Marcoses and their cronies. For some, your article might scream historical revisionism in favor of the Marcoses. I’m not a Marcos sympathizer and I have grown to detest his persona (or at least what the media and the academe perceived him to be), but your articles have awoken something in me regarding the myth of (in your own words) the Yellow Cult.

    Your articles regarding the Yellow Cult’s myth reminded me of something i might have read or watched. It says that “Good does not exist without condition.” Now i’m bewildered. Was EDSA I really just a front for vested interests of the few? I would really appreciate it Mr. Tiglao if you can suggest further readings regarding this topic.

  15. YES MR TIGLAO this is THE TRUTH.

    but how can you cut the Gordian knot in the minds of the Filiinos– even those who were not yet humans during martial law and mouthing without thinking or investigating that is contrary to the interest of the country–THE GORDIAN KNOT tied by the greed of those who own almost all Philippine resources??????

  16. Mr. Tiglao, it’s good to read your defense of the Marcos regime on human rights abuses. After this, please write about how the Marcoses sunk the Philippine economy, as yourself have mentioned.

    • He’s not depending Marcos, in fact Mr. Tiglao was also an anti-Marcos before. But he was enlightened to the truth now.

  17. this is the most informative article of philippine journalism for as long as i can remember. the author deserves all the kudus he got from this. were it not for the international demand for labor – thru our own OFW – the philippines would have been more under the thumbs of these oligarch. luckily the last president did not get his candidate(roxas) elected. i hope this neocolonial structure of the oligarchs will be fully and permanently dismantled. they are the real elites of the country and the real leeches. they just want the status qou maintained with one of their kind always the head honcho. they are the main cause of the failure of the land reform efforts so far. their vast bland holdings are still intact and only the so called middle class agri lands were given to the poor farmers because they cannot fight. these oligarchs are the main reasons why there is still an ongoing communist insurrection in the country.

  18. The Times is just like the Standard, they don’t published or delay moderation of opposing comments that effectively countermands their views. Sad.Unpatriotic.

  19. I have nothing more to add! Better late than never! Objectivity is an obsession in you that no one can match! Oligarchs are the biggest enemy of this nation. Please continue without let-up in exposing them! MABUHAY KA!!!

  20. Thank you Mr. Tiglao. You really hit the nail in the head. Mabuhay ka at iilan na lang ang tulad mong marunong tumingin ng tama at mali. Tama na ang panlilinglang ng mga Yellows, Communists and the Oligarchs. Never again to Yellows and the Aquinos. Ituwid ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at hindi yong gustong ipasunod ng mga Yellows, Communist at Oligarchs…

  21. While Marcos has assets, these are paper assets that he was allowing countries to use as back up for them to print their respective Notes. But such printing would require the approval of the IMF-World Bank combine. During those years, the US also want to print their Notes but Marcos was not obliging The Ronald. In fact, The Ronald want Marcos to cede a sizable part of the assets. As Marcos dont want to part any of it to the US, he has to do so many layering so that the US will never find nor have any access to any part thereof. It was just unfortunate that in the process, the country was the collateral damage as Marcos was not able to get approval to print more US dollars that could have provided a buffer to our economy at that time. Hence, it would appear as if Marcos was rather selfish but showing it out might have allowed the US to seize or control it which Marcos can not afford.

  22. Sir Amb. Tiglao, you really impressed many of your readers. Yours is really the epitome of PRESS FREEDOM. We, owe you, nothing less.

  23. It was the same–oligarchs running Cory Aquinos’ government, which they called the taipan, the technocrats as coined by late Senator Joker Arroyo, they are basically the same groups of oligarchs. Mothballing BNPP, privatizing NSC, and promoting “cottage industry” (west-sponsored) further stifling of industrialization, and moving to “consumerism” type of economy. I think the Aquinos starting from Ninoy grandfather-down to son Pnoy and the Cojuangco clan are one of the major stumbling block for progressive PHL. Well, they are pretty much in control of PHL affairs (directly or indirectly) by mere belief as people popularly called “yellow group” as of the present.

  24. Mr. Tiglao this is another fine article from you. Please continue to write on the workings of the oligarchy. More importantly, how can the President and his administration be influenced to see the real dangers to the Filipino people in the powers wielded by the oligarchs. And what measures can the President take for the benefit of the common people?

  25. fast forward …. with the rate PDU30 is now going forward, i think this is the time that his security men should be extra double careful to make sure of his security …. reason, being Rightist + Oligarch + USA (aka CIA) will come together … do i nedd to elaborate further? and voila ….. Leni Robredo might/ will be the 3rd woman president of RP.

  26. so what now, Mr Bobi Tiglao. It seems the yellow ribbon is already riding to the sunset. it seems yellows, reds, and blues, are not the primary reason we have this oligarchy, because even after Duterte step out of power, they will remain a formidable force in our politics and economy..

  27. My deepest respect for this writer. I could agree more that the oligarchs are the real enemy of this state but I also believe that the President is waging a war (against drugs) that need immediate attention. We only need to remind that the President that he should not lost focus in addressing the root cause of poverty in this country which is a direct effect of abject poverty and the mismanagement of our government. Hope he can also begin now to address issues of the Filipino workers such as ending contractualization, increasing the salary of Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, aside from his well-love Police and military (they deserve it of course), rice sufficiency (please stop importing rice and go after the hoarders), etc.

  28. RIGHT MR. TIGLAO. The real LAND-GRABBERS then and now are the OLIGARCHS you have mentioned, the Cojuangcos, Ayalas, Aquinos, Ortigas, Lopezes. These oligarchs are much still around. Imagine how a whole family of Spaniards can own a vast piece of land in Makati. Now known as the Ayala Commercial Complex. How were they able to grab that property and call it their own? TO HELL WITH THE AYALAS, COJUANGCOS, SORIANOS, LOPEZES, AQUINOS,ORTIGAS clans. Except for one, they all are Spaniards….

  29. You obfuscate the truth by stating that average GDP growth during the Martial Law years were higher than during Cory’s time. How much of the wealth fueled by that growth were stolen and siphoned abroad? Conventional wisdom estimates place it at $10B. How much of a percentage was that of the growth?

    • Rigoberto D. Tiglao on

      “Conventional” wisdom, as announced by the Yellow Cult? Would appreciate source of where you got this $10 billion figure. La Salista, mag-aral ka muna kung ano GDP.

    • $10Billion ang conventional wisdom kamo na ninakaw ni makoy. eh magkano lang yan sa present value ng peso, mga P2Trillion. eh ilang taon lang na pork yan sa budget ni aquino. do not forget that aquino had more than P500B in pork yearly in the budget aside from the malampaya funds and the pagcor funds.

  30. Thank you sir mr. TigLao. Para magising ang mga natutulog na isipan ng iba nating kababayan sa kasinungalingan ng mga dilwan oligarch sa pamumuno ng mga Aquino at ng taga makati business club…Sila ang salot sa ating bayan…..MAKATI BUSINESS CLUB AY SALOT SA ATING BAYANG PILIPINAS…MGA GANID …

  31. Thank you Mr. Tiglao for this very objective & informative article..There are only few left in your tribe who are brave enough to write an expose’ of these oligarchs.Mabuhay po kayo!

  32. President Duterte should take all the necessary actions now – even seriously consider establishing a revolutionary government to facilitate the changes the country needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  33. Thank you, Mr. Tiglao. Please write more articles like this about the oligarchs, who have been, since then,controlling our country.

  34. I had the chance to meet one of the key people behind the 1986 “people power revolution,” he was a priest anchor of a Catholic radio, but this priest carried a 45 automatic pistol, what kind of priest does that? I later read somewhere that he admitted his key participation in the RAM coup plot that became the EDSA-I “people power revolution.”

    So now the truth is out, the commie-yellows are the ones guilty of revisionist history. I can imagine that during martial law jail conditions were better than they are today, since seeing Tiglao’s detention picture . Visit the Q.C. jail today and it is worse than a Stalin era gulag, inmates piled on one another struggling just to breath, dying of heat exhaustion, TB and a host virulent disease due to the dismal diet and sanitation. Time and again we see cellphone-video recordings of inmates raped or tortured in jail custody leaked to the news, and this was during the yellow-democracy, these atrocities are not unique to his regime alone as we are led to believe.

    If you want to talk of human rights injustices do something about the 10’s of thousands of convicted inmates today that are overstaying, meaning they have served sufficient years of their sentence to be paroled or have their sentence commuted, but due to the slow bureaucratic red tape they still rot in jail. While other not yet convicted have already served a full sentence in jail awaiting court hearings as if they were.

  35. Bobbi Tiglao Thank you! Bravo! Congratulation! You have a delicate direct way to point at the genuine enemy of the Pilipinos as well as yours, the Oligarch(s), and I appreciate it. Right, the drug lords pale in comparison for the power is temporary while that of the Oligarch(s) seemed eternal, unless cut by all means. Numerous are the enemies of the people and the principal one is the Oligarchy, mainly from the ‘hacendero’ group and so much from the new money. The elite/oligarch is far worse because some Pilipinos have imbibed a bit the socio-poli-eco ideology of the class. The oligarch is the real enemy, lets hope Pres. Digpong considers the oligarch as the real cause of poverty, the desolation of the soul and of the land.

  36. I may have missed them, but it seems no one among the Yellows would want to refute you at all. It looks like they will just content themselves again as usual on mumbling our shouting “revisionism” to no one in particular. They often mistake jeering for an argument.

  37. This article should have come out long before another Aquino (an oligarch) came into power. Why only now? Nevertheless, better late than never. Thank you Mr Tiglao for exposing all the shenanigans and hypocrisies of the oligarchs. The yellow cult did the same dramas for both Marcos and Erap. I believed Erap was a victim of political persecution too. In the Phil the yellow would do everything to keep themselves in power. If the elected leader is not a yellow ally, we expect a peoples’ power. Thanks to the modern era media – FB, twitter, you tube etc – they truly open our minds from the deceiving dramas of the yellow. I am starting to be a follower of your column. Hoping to read more of these kind.

  38. Marcos will always be responsible for all the atrocities during Martial Law days. He is the head dictator, even if his subordinates committed the crime, he will be responsible via Command Responsibility Doctrine. Those military soldiers thatbrape and murdered our country men and women, Marcos is responsible. Did Marcos killed these people ? No. Did Marcos ordered the killings ? No. But the bottom line, Marcos is responsible. There is no argument that will support that other faction is responsible.

    • definition of YELLOWISH PEOPLE – brainless people; brained washed by yellowish lord so to think only the way of thinking of an yellowish evil agenda; brained washed or brained washed out…zombies like addicts,,,

    • I totally agree. At that time I was went back to night school to get my college degree. My sister would beg me to stay home because she feared she would never see me again even though I was not an ‘activist’. Because tear gases and raiding of campuses were rampant. I have never felt that fear until the military raid. Everyone would run and go into hiding. We did not see nor hear from those who got randomly arrested. My childhood friend, Nancy, who was a boarder in Lepanto at that time recently told me that her roommate and her activist boyfriend were found with bullets in their head. I am deeply distressed that this ruthless form of suppression is now overlooked as well as the living and economic conditions at that time. Our freedom was taken away. No one was allowed to leave the country unless you have some kind of diplomatic immunity. And people and the country’s money were disappearing. And you have some people who were never there to experience it refuting or distorting or ignoring the truth. Sad……

    • Based on the same yardstick you apply, then all president after Marcos should be held accountable to the human rights violations that happened during their terms i.e Mendiola massacre, Olalia and Alejandro killings, Kidapawan massacre, Luisita massacre, Jonas Burgos abduction and thousand more human rights violation cases after Marcos. I cannot understand why the radical left and the yellow crowd only blame and perpetually demonize Marcos. I think Mr. Tiglao is very right in his conclusion.

    • Is martial really that bad? Then why was FVR got elected and Enrile got elected as senator? This two guys where responsible for all the torture that happens during martial law. Before Martial law lots of people where carrying guns because I think guns are legal to carry at that time because my neighbor who is a jeepney driver is carrying a gun while driving a passenger jeepney. Everyday headlines where all related to crimes. When Marcos declared Martial law he ask the people to surrender their firearms. So there is also good in martial law. Right? Druglord where send to the firing squad like Lim Seng, remember? I realized all of this thing when BS Aquino became president. The people elected a retarded president.

  39. Thank you Mr. Tiglao for your eye-opening information. These revelations should be taught in schools. Philippine economy will remain stagnant if the oligarchs continue to dominate. These oligarchs have pooled in their resources and contributed to CIA coffers to bring down Marcos. I remember Philip Habib and Stephen Solarz were among those who were very much around interfering in Philippine affairs after the suicide of Benigno Aquino in 1983.

    • enrique pacardo on

      Yes, it was a suicide. When you knew that going to a certain dangerous place you will likely be killed that’s suicide.

  40. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The Yellow Cultists are still doing what they are known for- destabilize and destroy whatever come their way which would shake them from the comfort and luxuries they have accumulated at the expense of the people. The administration of the Yellows were marked with nothing but the Kamaganak Inc., KKK, blame game, vengeance abuse. The Filipinos have yet to be awakened from their sleep. God bless the Philippines.

  41. Mr Tiglao,

    With millions of OFWs sending their hardearned and honest money, can we not harness that money to fight the oligarchy? The annual remittances of OFWs amount to 20 billion US dollars and that a huge amount. If we can find an honest and knowledgeable person who can manage this, they can start a business competitive to SM malls. Maybe discount store like the COSTCO in US where they employ former OFWs and there is a profit distribution or stock distribution sa mga OFWs. Katulad ng mutual funds dito sa America. The money came from employees as salary deductions and there is a fund manager. Something like that

  42. This article should be an eye opener for those who are still mystified by the yellow cults’ lies and betrayals.

  43. TUMPAK , You hit it right on the head ?
    Why was a Globe man put in charge of telcos and internet ?

  44. I totally agree with your views. I hope your other comrades during the 70’s would make similar comments as you did so that the Fillipino people would be awaken from deep slumber – a deep sleep indeed since 1521.

    My father (now deceased) was once a student of former Pres. Diosdado Macapacal in University of the East. He told them (the students including my dad) during one of his lectures that during his presidency he wasn’t really the one running the presidency – the oligarchs did.

    I hope that you will write more articles about the abuses of oligarchs in the Philippines.

  45. Marcos said near the end of his regime that the left and the right have combined to conspire against him. The forces ranged against Marcos were the NPA, the Catholic Church, the Ayala-led Makati Business Club, the American-led West with the western press at the frontline. The NPA were not the Lava/Taruc communists that the CIA were treating like a subhuman species by brutally beheading them through the notorious Nenita unit of Colonel Valeriano but the Joma/Dante/Ninoy Aquino communists the American-led West are protecting from our military with the mantle of human rights. Disparate as these forces were on the surface, actually, isang tropa lang lahat ng mga kalaban ni Marcos, and these are the forces of the West that first came to our shores 500 years ago. The bottom line is that throughout our entire history our enemy has always been the West, and today nothing has changed except the modern spin that we need the West to protect us from China. Marcos was just the last in the line that started with the likes of Lapu-Lapu to Gabriela Silang to Rizal and Luna and Bonifacio down to Duterte. Duterte said his mouth will result in a generation of awakened Filipinos. If that is the only thing he will accomplish it will lead to our genuine liberation totally unlike EDSA which liberated only the oligarchs and their agents. To pray for Duterte is to pray for the people.

  46. This is another fine article that you wrote about Marcos ,now I want to read about what you think about Erap because I think that he was also a victim of the oligarch and the church

  47. Fair is fair. The country needs more knowledgeable and objective writers like you. Right on; more power to you, Mr. Tiglao!