• ‘Heneral Luna’s’ makers are back with ‘Tandem’

    JM de Guzman and Nico Antonio star as brothers in ‘Tandem’

    JM de Guzman and Nico Antonio star as brothers in ‘Tandem’

    Be it a historical biopic or a modern day movie, two premises guide the team behind the subsidiaries of Artikulo Uno Productions in choosing a project for the big screen: It has to be an eye opener to society’s ills, with a message that will hopefully spark change.

    Producers Fernando Ortigas and Eduardo Rocha proudly announced this week the commercial run of their latest independent movie from the partnership of Buchi Boy Productions, Tuko Film Productions and Quantum Films: action-drama Tandem.

    From a story by Zig Marasigan, Tandem is about brother-partners Rex (JM de Guzman) and Roman (Nico Antonio), who make a living by snatching bags and cell phones in Metro Manila.

    Rex is more aggressive compared to Roman, who is more cautious because his wife, Cha (Rochelle Pangilinan), is pregnant with their child. Rex, on the other hand is in an on-off relationship with his girlfriend, Nadine (Elora Espano).

    The brothers get ample protection from corrupt police officers Alba and Lucero, who are also runners of a big-time syndicate.

    Upon the instructions of the criminals in uniform Rex and Roman plan to rob a construction site. With the help of an informant from the site, the brothers stand to earn a fat sum from the job. Thing don’t work out as planned, and Rex kills the foreman in order to save Roman.

    Then, by some unexpected twist, Alba and Lucero are placed under investigation by the Philippine National Police in a bid to rid its ranks of rogue officials.

    Ordered to arrest Rex and Roman, Alba and Lucero instead instruct the brothers to salvage the officers investigating them.

    Rex and Roman accept the assignment but fail to accomplish the task.

    Tandem held its world premiere in the 2015 Montreal International Film Festival in September, and thereafter participated in the Vancouver International Film Festival and Cairo International Film Festival.

    It is scheduled to have a European premiere in the Fantasporto International Film Festival in Porto, Portugal.

    Tandem held Philippine premiere in the just-concluded Metro Manila Film Festival’s New Wave competition, and received an “A” grading from the Cinema Evaluation Board. The board commended the film as a whole, from the acting department to the direction, editing, photography, production design and timely tale. JM also received a best actor trophy for his outstanding performance in the movie.

    With its success at the MMFF, Tandem hopes to bring in viewers to its commercial run, which begins on February 17.


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