Her best is her ticket to success


michelle_garcia0420160429FOR Michelle Garcia, Marriott Hotel director of marketing communications, everything she does should be excellent, world-class, and outstanding.

“Do your best or don’t do it at all,” insists Garcia who believes that everything she does is a reflection of her. This has been Garcia’s philosophy since she discovered that the way to success is to give her all in everything she does.

As Marriott Hotel director for marketing communications, Garcia says there’s never a dull moment working in a hotel. “Every day is an opportunity to excel and level up professionally and personally. For example, today I have meetings in the morning then I’ll have an event in the evening. I will start my day doing my personal workout early in the morning and makes sure that I’m ready with all my meetings for the day and be beautiful in the evening for my event,” explains Garcia.

Promoted from being a marketing communications manager to being a director of marketing communications after one year and seven months in Marriott Hotel, Garcia proudly says that it was not an overnight success.

“I was part of the hotel’s pre-opening team in October 2009 and now that the hotel is expanding—from the Grand Ballroom in 2005 to the soon-to-open East Wing of the hotel–I am still part of it,” says Garcia, who was awarded Marriott Leader of the Year recently.

Before she became part of the Marriott family, Garcia was with Fuego Hotels handling marketing communications for different properties—Taal Vista Hotel, Pearl Farm Beach Resort, and Club Punta Fuego. “That was tough, but it gave me the passion to love public relations.”

But Garcia shares that her first job as a receptionist and telephone operator of Rockwell Land Corporation made her dream to become a lady boss someday.

That experience taught her to shape up and learn to discipline herself, plan her career, be responsible, be independent, and set her standards higher.

All these, she strived to acquire, not only for herself, but also for her only daughter Mitch Azie.

“I was a single mom at the age 18, and that incident made me strive to be better for my child,” she confessed. “Taking responsibility at an early age is not easy. My priorities at that time definitely changed. Thank God, my parents taught me to be independent and worked hard to be able to raise my child. Now that my daughter is already 15 years old, she’s my crowning glory.”

She adds, “I’m a subtle disciplinarian as a mother, but even if I’m busy with work, I make sure I spend time with her every weekend. She even sleeps with me until now.” She says her daughter is her inspiration to be the best lady boss she can be.

Lea Manto-Beltran, Supplements Editor



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