• Her surrender is only the beginning


    Let the fireworks begin! But the nation will not forget the rapacity of our leaders who champion the poor to get their votes, but rob the coffers of people’s tax money!
    Ramon Olano, Jr.

    It is a good anticipation. The Napoles trial, if any, is expected to move in turtle-face. Bearing in mind that all personalities involved are legislatures from the Lower Chamber and the Senate are expected to fight the cases possibly to delay it, cover their tracks, manipulate the procedures, etc. The process will be so slow and will be exactly opposite in the manner these “honorable” Congressmen and Senators impeached Renato Corona with only a defective SALN as the reason. It will be also very interesting to know who among the Congressmen, Senators and key government officials are involved, how much is involved and so on. Special mention who among the Senator-judges are participants in the Napoles and other scams who voted for Corona’s impeachment. I look forward the total amount of Pork these judges receive and compare to the accusations against Corona.


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