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    Herald Forum honors PH-Israel partnership


    The Herald Forum (Pilipinas Global), a prime media event which tackles national and international issues that impact decision makers towards positive action, launched its third edition of 2018 series to once again provide a tremendous breakthrough for relevant issues concerning all sectors of Philippine society and the world.

    The event which was held at Club Filipino Greenhills, San Juan City on February 23, honored the Philippines-Israel strong foundation partnership, in conjunction with Israel 70th Year as a nation. The forum also honored its donors, sponsors and partners The Manila Times , The Daily Tribune, Cityland, PCSO, Fernandos Hotel, DMI Medical Supply, Inc. (MX3), Camaya, Fulleros Botox Builders & Design, Sysu Inc. (Clara Ole’).

    The Event conducted an active dialogue participation and interaction with program host and guest speakers on major-issues and agendas, thus opened the floodgates of opportunities and provided a positive outlook in life and hope for the nation.

    The Event also centered on life-value formation and social corporate advocacies that gave encouragement to the Filipino people from all-walks of life, gave one a better perspective of the over-all concept embodied via inter-connected advocacies (“Unity, Integration, Action), namely: Good Governance (National and Local); Good Family Life; Good Politics and International Relations; Good Business and Industries; Good Health and Nutrition; Good Education, Culture and Sports; Good Economics; Good Technologies; Good Food and Water; Good Environment and Natural Resources.

    The Herald Forum likewise connects advocacies of the private sector via invited companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).


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