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    (From left) Bogart The Explorer, Baste Duterte, In The Know, S’Boi Malicay, Andrei Apostol and Alexis Lumbatan

    After The Manila Times Entertainment reported on Saturday that Sebastian “Baste” Duterte has given in to the lure of show business, here’s more on the President’s much talked about youngest son from a one-one-one interview with In the Know.

    Even as he says he’s ready for the limelight, Baste still comes across as regular a guy in his usual worn out maong and t-shirt, and sporting a man bun. You wouldn’t even notice he came with the PSG [Presidential Security Group] especially since he really tries to avoid being the center of attention.

    Before our sit-down, he showed up on time for the launch of his new reality adventure show on TV5 called “Lakbai.” The title is short for the Visayan phrase “lakaw ta bai,” which means, “let’s go, buddy” in English.

    The ever-mysterious heartthrob was quiet at first and it took him a while to warm up for the interview. When asked about his expectations in the business, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Anything goes—hindi mo rin kasi alam ano e-expect mo kasi walang preparation sa ganun.”

    Baste also came with childhood friends, lawyer Alexis Lumbatan, videographer Andrei Apostol, and S’Boi Malicay. They were dragged into the show by their famous friend in an unconventional way.

    According to S’boi he thought they were just going to accompany Baste on his shoot—for moral support—only to find out they were actually part of the show!

    “Actually, nung teaser shoot, hindi ko alam na kasali ako. Bigla na lang may lumapit sa akin—yung stylist—sabi, “Ito susuotin mo!’ Sabi ko huh? Bakit? Ayun, kasali pala ako!”

    The same thing happened with Alexis who had been dubbed the “Presidential Videobomber” when his antics on his seat during Mr. Duterte’s inauguration went viral. “Ang sabi sa akin, i-check ko lang daw contracts ni Baste, sabay ayun, yinaya na ako, then sabi ko na lang why not. Si Baste naman.”

    New in Baste’s crew is YouTube superstar Bogart the Explorer who is certain that their show will be a hit. “Look at these guys, they’re your most unconventional travel hosts so you’ll get a show like you’ve never seen before!”

    Baste will be showing his forte in extreme sports in the reality adventure show, and will give peek into his house in Davao, as well as his secret surfing spot in his province. The group will also go to the most “Instagrammable” places in the country, and will experience the food and culture of every stop through the show’s eight-week run beginning May 21.

    Baste meanwhile told In The Know that he will be joining his father’s ongoing visit to five Asean countries [he left Saturday]—his first time to do so. Of the trip, the outspoken son candidly said, “Sesermonan niya lang ako kasi ganun naman siya. It’s not bad, he’s just being a father.” Baste also rated his father’s first year in office, and said, “As a Filipino I am satisfied but as a son it’s the same. Dati pa naman kasi siya politiko so I don’t see him that often.”

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