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Even when he was younger, Derrick Monasterio had always been helping other people. He would extend a helping hand to those in need at every chance he gets, from members of his family to others he doesn’t even know.

When Derrick entered showbiz and started earning his own money, he stepped up to help his mother, former actress Tina Monasterio, in sending his siblings to school.

“My mom was the only one working then and I know that it’s not easy for her to send us all to school. Since I was already earning, I volunteered to help not only in my sisters’ schooling but even in most of the expenses at home,” the young and responsible actor opened up to Showbuzz.

With Derrick’s current status as one of the top leading men of GMA Network, it is prudent to say he’s earning more than what needs, considering the simple lifestyle he’s chosen to lead. He can very well afford to have his own house or condo unit, but unlike many of his peers on the business, the actor doesn’t even entertain the idea of moving out leaving his mom and siblings on their own.

Derrick Monasterio as ‘Tsuperhero’

Derrick Monasterio as ‘Tsuperhero’

“I am now the breadwinner in the family. I’ve asked my mom to stop working and just to enjoy life. She’d been working for all of us for so long already, and It’s about time that she takes life easier. It’s my turn to work now and give our family a more comfortable life.”

True to his word, Derrick has busied himself with his career. He tapes for shows, promotes his album, and takes on guestings and out of town appearances. Through this hectic schedule, you will never hear him complaining.

“I chose this career and I’m happy with what I’m doing. I’m even thankful that I’m blessed with a lot of work. Of course, there are days when I feel tired but my love for my family is enough to keep me going,” the actor averred.

Moreover, through all his success, he still continues to help others whenever he can. He is the go-to guy of relatives when they need help paying the hospital bill of an uncle, the tuition fee of a cousin, or even the electric bill of a distant kin.

As if his good deeds were not enough, whenever he comes across some extra money—say a good deal from an endorsement or out of town show—Derrick will unselfishly share his blessings the less fortunate. He would make donations to parents of sick children in public hospitals, or buy medicines and send them to a charity ward. Best of all, he does all these without any TV cameras and fanfare. He simply says of his actions that he subscribes to what the Bible says: To whom much is given, much is expected.

Given these discoveries about Derrick, his latest role on TV as Tsuperhero certainly fits him to a tee. Premiering as a weekly fantasy sitcom this Sunday, he plays plays the role of Nonoy, a street smart but good-natured jeepney driver who always gets into trouble. He then becomes an accidental superhero when inhabitants from another planet crash into earth and give him their powers. As Tsuperhero, Nonoy becomes the defender of the oppressed and rescues those who are in need.

“I was so happy when GMA entrusted this role to me. I always want to play characters that impart positive values. To top it all, I’m a super hero too in this show so I can surely inspire kids at the same time as teaching them good values.”

* * *

With big movies from around the globe in competition with Phi­lippine entry Die Beautiful, Paolo Ballesteros confessed he was hardly entertaining the of winning the Best Actor award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

To have already created a buzz when he walked down the red carpet as Angelina Jolie was already enough for him. In fact, after the movie’s world premiere, he quietly flew back to Manila.

Events took an intriguing turn when, the evening before the awards night, he received a call from the festival organizers, asking him to return to Tokyo. It was an impossible request though since he only had a single entry visa to Japan, which he had obviously used already. He could neither go to the Japanese Embassy in Manila for another one since it was the All Saint’s Day holidays.

“I was so surprised when I was told that my visa and my plane ticket had been taken care of, and all I had to do was to board the plane. They told me that I had to go back for another parade at the red carpet for the awards night. So I thought they wanted me there because my Angelina Jolie red carpet gimmick was a big hit,” Paolo narrated at the team’s homecoming on Monday.

Long story short, Paolo was on board a plane to Tokyo the following day and arrived at his hotel past midnight. The person put in charge of him then asked if the Die Beautiful team knew he was coming back. He just shook his head, and was told not to get in touch with them.

Dingdong Dantesa nd Paolo Ballesteros

Dingdong Dantesa nd Paolo Ballesteros

“When I asked why, she told me, ‘Because you won Best Actor.’ My jaw just dropped. I asked her, ‘Why did you tell me?’ Siyempre the element of surprise was gone. But that’s the only reason they could give me why I shouldn’t tell anyone in the team I was back. That’s why, if you noticed, when my name was announced as winner, our director, Jun Lana went up the stage to receive the award, thinking that I was in the Philippines. He was the one surprised when I came out dressed as Julia Roberts.”

Paolo considers his first acting award very memorable especially since he had won it in a prestigious international film festival. He happily announced too that Die Beautiful will have a commercial run in theaters all over Japan.

He told Showbuzz he only has wish left for their movie, and that’s to make it to the forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.

“I want the Filipinos to see our movie. Si­yempre sariling atin.”

* * *

Doing fight routines for a primetime show is a dream come true for Dingdong Dantes. He had long wanted to star in an action-packed show, which is why he was so happy when he started the daily prime time series, Alyas Ro­binhood. It must be the dancer in Dingdong excites him about fight scenes.

“I am inspired to do more and to exert more effort in my scenes with the success that Alyas Robinhood is enjoying at the ratings. We want to give them a good show because we owe them the success of the series. What I can promise is that they can expect Alyas Robinhood to be more exciting. There are many more adventures Pepe will go that will be endearing to viewers,” Dingdong assured.

Another thing exciting Dingdong and his wife Marian Rivera is the upcoming first birthday of their daughter Baby Letizia on November 23. They’ve decided to do away with the usual big party, and instead decided to celebrate by going out of town.

“We will be spending the whole day with Letizia and the whole family. We’re making sure it will be a very memorable first birthday for our daughter that when she grows up and looks back at the pictures, she will be very happy and proud of the way we celebrated her first birthday,” Dingdong enthused.

* * *

SHORTS… Angelica Dela Cruz’s younger sister Mika has signed a contract with GMA Network. She expressed happiness over her being a Kapuso like her “Ate.” She is excited for her project with Barbie Forteza because they had already worked together in a show when they were both younger…

…The first of a three-part series of GMA’s Christmas campaign called Magic ng Pasko was launched on Monday, which saw GMA artists Ken Chan, Ryza Cenon, Juancho Trivino, Hiro Peralta, and newcomers Ayra Mariano and Marlann Flores. Juancho is being teased as the one set to have a magical Christmas because he now has a girlfriend, who happens to be the niece of former Senator Bong Revilla…

* * *

GUESS WHO? After breaking up with her actor boyfriend, a young actress says she’s not ready to be friends with him yet. She also refuses to give the details of the break-up, and just said she tried to ignore what she noticed about the young actor.

“I knew something was already wrong but I tried to turn a blind eye. But I can only take so much. It had come to a point when I had to face the truth. It was painful at first but I learned to accept that the relationship could only go that far,” the young actress intimated to Showbuzz.

“Wag lang siyang magpapakita sa nanay ko at makakatikim siya!” she warned.


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