• Hero’s burial for Marcos injustice – lawmakers


    Burying the late former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery for Heroes) sends a message of injustice, lawmakers said on Monday.

    A special casket that had been readied for Marcos by his family was shown on an ABS-CBN news program on Monday.

    Deputy Speaker Romero Quimbo of Marikina City (Metro Manila), Tom Villarin of Akbayan party-list and Carlos Isagani Zarate of Bayan party-list were reacting to President Rodrigo Duterte ordering the Armed Forces of the Philippines to prepare for Marcos’ burial on September 18.

    “This Marcos burial [at the Libingan ng mga Bayani]is not a simple issue. This would not bring peace to our country. This is not about his right to be buried there. The thousands of people who fell victim during martial law and the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth, which is yet to be returned to the people, should take precedence,” Quimbo, a lawyer, told reporters.

    He was referring to the around 76,000 of the victims of torture and other human rights abuses during military rule who are still awaiting remuneration under the Marcos compensation law.

    The estimated ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses is also at $10 billion dollars but the Presidential Commission on Good Government was able to recover only $4 billion of it after the fall of the strongman in 1986.

    “To some, this hero’s burial for Marcos is just symbolic, but this sends a wrong message to those who greatly suffered during the Marcos administration which is unresolved to this day,” Quimbo, who used to be a martial law activist, pointed out.

    “We should not allow the unrepentant Marcoses to use the burial issue in advancing their revisionist lies on the blood-drenched legacy of the dictator. No amount of embellishment can whitewash the plunder, terror and grave human rights violations perpetrated during the reign of Marcos, a dictator and certainly not a hero!,” Zarate said in a statement.

    “It has been proven that Marcos led a corrupt, brutal and dictatorial rule that impoverished our people and nation, and such act might send a wrong message that this government is not as serious about its pursuit of social justice as it claims to be,” Villarin said in a separate statement.

    But for Deputy Speakers Fredenil Castro of Capiz, Eric Singson of Ilocos Sur and Mercedes Alvarez of Negros Occidental, Marcos is qualified to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani because the law, Republic Act 289, provides that a former president can be buried there.

    Marcos ruled the country for the longest time, from 1965 to 1986, before being ousted in a bloodless revolt.

    The Marcos family went into exile in Hawaii and the patriarch died of lupus in 1989.


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    1. no wonder why, yung tatlong tagapagtanggol ng mga naapi ay anti-marcoses… Sana naman inalam din nila ang ginagawa ng Aquino Administration noon … Mga Hipocrito…

    2. Cong. Quinbo galing mo talaga mag-papogi, ano kaya asikasuhin mo ang constituents mo’ng Marikeño. Kami ay tiis na tiis sa sobrang trapik dito sa Katipuna, Ext., LGV. Ito ay dahil sa maanomalya at sobrang delay na bridge project dito sa LGV, Mrkna, boundary ng Q.C. Balara. Ang bridge na hindi sira, ay sinira ng DPWH at Q.C. Eng. at hinayaan ng ilang buan, kahit kayang tapusin ang maliit na tulay (5 metro ang haba) sa isang lingo.

      Kaya Cong. Quimbo tigilan mo na papogi mo sa isyu na Marcos Burial, Divorce Bill etc., unahin mo ang kapakanan ng tax payer lalo na ang mga commuting public mula Marikina, buti pa paimbestiga at pa-fast track itong project na sanhi ng trapik.

      O Bakit di mo kaya? Dahil ba sa ka-LP mo ang may hawak nitong PW project!

    3. Robredo, the fake VP objecting to the burial of former Pres Marcos, – Maraming kabutihan nagawa lalo na sa mahihirap si Marcos , di katulad ng mga LP na walang ginawa kundi magpayaman para sa sarili nila.

      • concerned citizen on

        kung di mo alam ang nangyayari during the martial rule, huwag ka nalang magsalita. Hindi naging ganito ka hirap ang Pilipino kung di winaldas ng mga marcoses ang yaman ng Pilipinas… sana pag-aralan mo muna ang Philippine history.

    4. Kayong mga Congressmen na nagmamalinis, pati mga kunyari party-list tigilan na ninyo ang mga kabalbalan ninyo, wala naman kayong nagawang tulong para sa kapakanan ng mga mahihirap, kundi magtamasa kayo para sa sarili ninyo.ang injustice ay ang mga pagpapasarap niyo na gamit ang pera (taxes) para sa mga mahihirap.

    5. Even if his guerrilla record is dubious, he prevented a communist takeover of the country during the cold war, but opted bloodless exit during the 1986 revolution.

      In this regard he was both a dictator and patriot, but not the tyrant the shrill commie yellows say he is. The human rights atrocities/deaths committed on civilians and gov’t armed forces in the 40+ years communist rebellion up til now, far exceeds the deaths attributed to martial law.

    6. Burial does not equate to acquittal. Let him be buried then all your cases will still be heard. Quimbo is just riding on the issue. As usual media mileage.

    7. mga putakting ipis na mga commies and noytards…..manigas kayong lahat.Marcos is the real hero and not the Aquinos—–angkan ng mga TRAITORS ng bansa.

    8. “He was referring to the around 76,000 of the victims of torture and other human rights abuses during military rule who are still awaiting remuneration under the Marcos compensation law.” – where is the source of the fact?

      “The estimated ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses is also at $10 billion dollars but the Presidential Commission on Good Government was able to recover only $4 billion of it after the fall of the strongman in 1986.” – Again, where is the source of the fact?

      The writer must have been good in conjecture and it is a bad journalism. This is what President Duterte is talking about; the classic example of paid journalism.

      • Marcos to Libingan ng mga Bayani

        This is a grave insult to all the victims of martial law- those who grieved or suffered from the hands of the Philippine Constabulary during the regime.
        Sometime, early May of 1973 or 1974 at about 11:30 PM on our way to Victoria Laguna to transplant rice the following morning, my wife and I were stopped by the Philippine Constabulary (PC) in front of the Calauan Laguna Municipal hall. Then at 12;00 PM we were sent into a prison cell to squat until morning among the inmates on the floor flooded with urine. Then at sunrise my wife was too tired and dizzy, was ordered to sweep around the Calauan Elementary school, the PC barracks. While my wife was sweeping, the guard around the barracks I went inside and saw the name on the uniform of one of the officers, Lt. Pamulaklakin sitting on the desk
        I want now to seek justice to this cruelty. I want Marcos remains dumped into the Pasig River, televised so all those who grieved or suffered will be vindicated.
        To take Marcos’ remains to the Libingan ng mga Bayani is to insult the thousands of Martial Law victims.

        Sesinando M. Masajo
        San Felix Victoria, Laguna

      • IF billions of dollars in compensation are up for grabs, of course many (if not most of that 76K) would claim to be victims of martial law, even if they were not. Or simply arrested for ordinary crimes, experienced some police brutality, then afterwards claimed to be a victim of martial law.

        THERE have been hundred of thousands of victims of police violence,brutality,torture,”salvagings” (EJK), since the end of martial law. Unarmed civilian protesters shot in front of Malacañang etc. happened after the Marcos regime.

        WHY don’t we call these “victims of post Cory democracy” to be accurate and fair.

      • Again, where is the fact? Again, the fact of the matter, the loyalist with a brain the size of a monggo whether or nor presented with a proof of evidence, your monggo brian will undermine all the facts!!!!1LMAO