Herrera denies DOLE shut him out of TUCP


Afaction led by erstwhile senator Ernesto Herrera in the 400,000-strong Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) said that, the Bureau of Labor Relations of the Department of Labor and Employment (BLR-DOLE) has turned up a very strange decision recognizing Atty. Democrito “Kito” Mendoza as president of the labor center.

Herrera said that Mendoza has already tendered his voluntary resignation in October 2011 for being too old at the age of 89.

As TUCP secretary general, Herrera said that he immediately called the executive board for a meeting to tackle Mendoza’s resignation since the latter’s resignation letter was addressed to the board.

He said that, the TUCP executive board in that meeting cited the group’s constitution particularly Section 9 that mandated any “disqualification, resignation or death of the TUCP president, the secretary general will assume the presidency.”

“This is similar to the [Gaya rin ito ng] Philippine Constitution in which if Pnoy resigns the next in the line of succession is known [na pag nagresign si PNoy alam na ang kapalit], the same provision applies to our organization. The secretary general will take over and there’s no need for approval of any to provide stability [to the organization],” Herrera told The Manila Times.

He hinted that during that time the Department of Labor was even asking them (the Mendoza and Herrera factions) to unify.

“I also called a meeting on November 9 days following the resignation of Mendoza to confer to him the president emeritus [status],” Herrera added stressing that the two sons of Mendoza (Raymond and Michael) were also there to confirmed that their father has already resigned.

The International Trade Union Confederation with 250 delegate countries then recognized their group, he added.

But to their surprise, the BLR-DOLE has again intervened last year without naming any complainant to the case.

“All of a sudden in 2012 the Department of Labor again intervened and came out with this very strange resolution,” Herrera said.


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