• Hexagon Ragasco to expand in Asia


    NORWAY’S Hexagon Ragasco, a manufacturer of composite cylinder tanks, is intent on beefing up its presence in Asia.

    Frederic Gaussen, Hexagon Ragasco Global Sales & Marketing director, said they are now in talks with Asian countries to expand its market in the region.

    Gaussen said the company is set to launch its products in Taiwan.

    Hexagon Ragasco sells composite cylinder tanks to 70 countries. Its biggest market in Asia is the Philippines.

    Gaussen said they consider the Philippines as the hub for cylinder manufacturing in Asia, and plan to put up a manufacturing facility in the country “… if the market is large enough to justify the investment.”

    The Philippine growth story and the work force make that country an attractive location for the Norwegian firm.

    “We are interested in doing business, but most of all we hope that EC Gas will keep increasing its sales,” he said.

    Currently, Hexagon Ragasco supplies composite cylinder tanks to independent oil player Eastern Petroleum Corp., the supplier of EC Gas.

    “Eastern Petroleum is doing a very good marketing job in promoting our cylinders and making it visible in the Filipino market,” he said.

    The Hexagon cylinder is made from composite materials (mostly fiberglass) and is 10 kgs lighter than the 26-kg average weight of the steel tanks for LPG.

    The cylinder is also transparent which allows the household to see the actual level of LPG and avoids under filling.|

    The Hexagon cylinders can burn in a fire without exploding, the company claimed.


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