High Court special meet lines up Grace DQ case


Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has included the disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe, a presidential candidate in next year’s elections, in the calendar of the Supreme Court special session on December 16, according to a well-placed source of The Manila Times in the SC.

The task of writing a draft ponencia on a petition for certiorari filed by Rizalito David against the Senate Electoral Tribunal and Poe, the source said, went to Associate Justice Mario Victor Leonen after a raffle held last Thursday.

Originally, December 16 was the date set for voting on the controversial Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States and on whether to lift a temporary restraining order on the “No bio, no boto” case involving the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Months ago, Leonen and Poe attended a meeting of the Philippine Women Judges Association (PWJA) in Tagaytay City, where the senator was the guest of honor.

In a photograph that was published in newspapers later, Poe was shown standing between Leonen and SC Justice Estela Perlas-Bernabe.

The PWJA president is SC Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, a member of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, which this month voted 5-4 to dismiss the disqualification case filed by David against Poe.

In his petition for certiorari, David assailed the ruling of the electoral tribunal declaring Poe natural-born despite, he said, absence of proof of blood ties to a Filipino father or mother.

According to him, majority of the tribunal members committed grave abuse of discretion in declaring the senator a natural-born Filipino citizen.

David asked the High Court to reverse and declare void the electoral tribunal’s majority decision and immediately issue a temporary restraining order or injunction order, which would immediately disqualify Poe.

Recently, the Comelec’s First and Second and Divisions decided to cancel the senator’s certificate of candidacy for President over citizenship and residency issues.


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  1. Mr. Cresencio Batara how do you Dis Grace born in the Philippines? I think you are aware her story, Susan Roces can testify who is really her parents. Why not conduct a DNA to Rosemarie Sonora and Dis Grace so that this is issue will. I agreed Dis Grace have a Pilipino Parents, she not born here in the Philippines. If she agreed to have DNA with Rosemarie Sonora this is issue will resolve. Why DisGrace reluctance to this, beside she had Original Birth Certificate to represent. Think it about Mr. Batara.

  2. Poe should already withdraw, she is a Filipino Citizen enjoying all the benefits of being a Filipino but she is not natural-born, an attribute solely required for the country’s President and Vice President.

    Also, she had once renounced her FIlipino citizenship to become an American. If she had delicadeza at all, she should’ve not filed a COC for President.

  3. Just read the 1987 constitution of the yellow… Natural born and a 10 year residency is the requirements for running for president and vp in this country.. Simple English everyone can understand… Even Grace knows this issue but never bother to correct while she was seated as a senator. She should file bill to change this requirements before running to the highest position of the land…

  4. My himble opinion Sirs Messames is this; Citizenship by birth is a gift given by LORD GOD our creator. You are born and given a gift a chance to live on earth you are an earthling. There is a need to give a designation to the Citizenship of a creation like man and women because we are classified and divided by Race, langguage, color, Political jurisdiction, religios belief and affiliation. Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares was born on Philippine soil with no registered biological parents inside Catholic Church. Carholic Priests are not Given by their rules the privilege to become Parents although biologically they can. I
    am not insinuating anything but People who are not Catholc Clergy who were not given the privilege to have natural child like Mr and Mrs Poe happily gave the foundling Grace the privilege to live a decemt life as a Filipina. She grew not knowing her biological parents who were selfish to recognize her giving her the worst dilemma of her life. Because of personal necessity she renounced being a Filipino lived in tje US married a US Citizen bearing children pn US soil. Now she returned to the Philippines, her birth country, to serve the people she renounced before. Citizenship became a choice a necessity for her. Whether she likes it ir she don’t. Question is if she pledge her allegiance as a Filipino Citizen she will be foreign of USA and her family naruraly and legally. Given the situation to decide to choose between her US family and her duty as President raise the question of choice. Is it not easy and just to choose her family? She should better go to the US and serve there she can do other heroic things if she wants to realy help Filipinos. Thank you God Bless us Merry Christmas

  5. Grace is Filipino, yes, But not natural born! She willfully stripped her Filipino citizenship to be fully American. Then in 2006, upon re-acquiring Filipino citizenship to sit as MTRCB chair, she DID NOT get rid of her American citizenship. She was a dual citizen until 2012. Please !!! We must give the Presidency to one who is Filipino through and through. Let her keep her Senate seat but the highest seat in the and belongs to one who has truly stood for, lived as subject to and remained loyal to, the Philippine flag throughout one’s life.

  6. ferdinand naboye on

    How can you interpret residency and being naturaal born for a baby born and abondoned in the philippines grew up and resided in the philippines and temporarily studued and stayed in the us and come back to the philippines to serve her co filipinos.shall you say based on your truths somebody born in the philippines is not a natural born filipino citizen just to appease the administration candidates.
    Hope the learned sc members come to senses.

    to what country does does a foundlin found in the philippines belong.

    • If that baby happened to a blue eye blond, is that foundling a natural born Filipino? Your logic is weak. I voted for Grace, but it’s time she respects the law, which a would-be president should. It gives me the creeps having an american citizen residents in Malacanang. That’s opportunism.

    • Why will she withdraw when the people wanted to have a decision with finality? Isa ka palang walang utak eh.

  7. This Llamanzares’ fiasco has gotten old! I can’t wait for the final ruling of the SC to put a stop on this Llamanzares’ madness. The question is, will she respect the ruling or will she continue the ‘make this foundling your president even though she is not qualified’ strategy? This is truly pathetic. But then, this is an American playing fools with the Filipino electorate. Supreme court, please rule supremely.

    • She said she will accept the ruling, regardless of the decision. Nagbabasa ka ba ng newspapers o sadyang bias ka sa pagkakatingin mo kay Grace Poe. I am one of the supporters and I am telling you, I will abide with the SC’s final decision and will not join any rallies in case there is one.

      You are fooling yourself and the people. Grace Poe is not an American.

    • I pity you Enrico Navea, you are supporting a fraud, a liar, and a loser who is not worthy to occupy the palace with her American family. You sound so desperate in your discourse just like this Llamanzares foundling. Are you also a loser?