High Court takes up Marcos poll protest


The Supreme Court (SC) en banc, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), will act on the election protest of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. against Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo today.

Marcos had filed a two-page Manifestation, dated July 1, 2016, under PET Case No. 005 before its scheduled deliberations on Tuesday.

“[P]rotestant Marcos would like to replace the photocopies of his attachments contained in Set Nos. 2 and 19, Box No. 8, with a more legible copy thereof. Protestant Marcos shall submit the above-mentioned documents together with this Manifestation,” the Manifestation reads after it was filed by the law office of election lawyer George Erwin Garcia.

The PET has postponed for one week the election protest of Marcos since the ponente of the case is not yet ready to make any recommendation.

SC Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa had asked that the case be called again for him to have enough preparation.

The PET will sit with SC members headed by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and the 14 associate justices of the High Court

According to several SC justices who talked with The Manila Times on condition of anonymity, the case filed by Marcos cannot be dismissed outright and probably will have a recommendation asking Vice President Leni Robredo to comment on the case.

Robredo won against Marcos in the May 9 elections by about 260,000 votes.

Marcos lodged his 1,000-page petition against Robredo who was accused of conspiracy in what the Marcos camp called the biggest election fraud in Philippine history.

The senator pointed out that accuracy of poll results and reported irregularities should be probed and shall be done through the immediate conduct of judicial revision/recount of the ballots and the examination, system audit and verification of the voter’s receipts, election returns and related election documents.

He said he filed to election protest to unveil the allegedly massive electoral fraud and it is his obligation to do so to the million of voters who voted for him.

To show his proof of Robredo and the Liberal Party’s electoral fraud, Marcos has attached to his petition about 20,000 pages of Affidavits, Certificates of Canvass and other supporting documents that will give a crystal clear manifestation of manipulation done by the Liberal Party and the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections.

Smartmatic was the technology provider to the May polls.


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  1. It does not take too much intelligence to know that there was a mass cheating during the election time, to put in power the yellow team for continuation of their evil deeds to be carried out forever at the expense of the whole country and the poor people.

    These yellows are determined not to cut the cord from the leader who cannot give up the country he abused, mismanaged and robbed of their dignity, morale value and everything decent. I would rather take the dictator’s son than any of the yellow team who would do nothing for the country.

  2. Took the supreme court 1 hour to issue Grace Poe a TRO and then they fast tracked her case. Seems the Supreme court fast tracks whatever Aquino and the liberal party wanted but everything else can wait as long as possible to the point of obstruction.

    A ruling concerning the cheating of Aquino, Comelec and Smartmatic would of served the people of the nation better if the court fast tracked the case before the cheaters confirmed their pawns.

  3. Just a suggestionto bongbong, stop being a cry baby, be a man, try again nexr national election perhaps most people by then would have forgotten what is like during the marshall law days.

  4. Pusong Pinoy on

    20,000 pages of ‘affidavits’? That sounds like fabrications. boingboing is discrediting the election process but only for the Vice President. Malinis naman daw ang presidential, senatorial, congressional, mayoral, city council, party list elections. ONLY the VP, kasi ‘spare tire’ lang ang position na yon, kaya yun lang ang kailangan dayain.

    Magpapaloko pa ba tayo sa kanya?

  5. Mabait na Pinoy on

    Crystal clear manifestation of manipulation done by Liberal Party and the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd , SMARTMATIC and the COMELEC? With this kind of allegations, nasaan ang laman? Blaming the machine used in the election? Blaming SMARTMATIC and COMELEC? These blaming game is not going to work and the only legitimate action that can be done is to recount the votes.

    The 1,000 page petition filed against the VP probably contain hot air, such as showing the graph made by the statistics and math professors name Contreras and his friend. Another question probably pertaining to the Smartmatic technicians staying in a hotel close to LP’s Headquarters in Quezon City and also the two masked people that appeared before the media, claiming that they were involved in shaving votes in Quezon Province by using another computer to intercept votes sent by VCM. The Two masked people were Jonathan dela Cruz and George Erwin Garcia.

    They should go ahead and recount the votes again and see the result. Hopefully, this will bring Marcos into his senses and eventually, accept the truth and the reality, that he was shafted in the rear by his good friend, his beloved friend Noynoy Aquino.

    • A system audit is the only thing that will prove or disprove the cheating we all know took place which is why Comelec refuses to allow it.

      Duterte should have the servers seized and conduct a system audit and install the rightful winners of the election. After cheating has been proven jail everyone involved for life.

  6. Too many Aquino appointees on the Supreme Court still covering for Liberal Party scams.

    The Supreme Court is just as corrupt as every other agency and needs renovating.

    • You got a point
      There should be a commission created with members not affiliated with any one. Beyond any doubt.