‘High Court to stop DAP’


(By Jomar Canlas, Headline, October 25, 2013)
“The most important to consider whether funds came from DAP or PDAF is to ensure that those funds are implemented properly, to investigate whether the projects allocated to are not over priced and nobody from the government officials corrupted the funds, to ensure that those people being benefited are really satisfied, and to study those programs and projects if they will be feasible before the implementation. In addition to this, calamity funds must be served immediately with proper implementations to avoid any rumors that these funds had been corrupted only by government officials. to do so, everybody should be willing and honest, have faith and fear to God, and love to country and its countrymen.”
Joseph Domingo, joseph_syre0323@yahoo.com.ph


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  1. wilmer andrada on

    The High court should just declare the DAP or PDAF unconstitutional so it will be permanently be erased from our form of governance.Our Legislators are to enact laws not to accumulate wealth through various schemes and the executive branch have government branches to deal with calamity or better yet have Red Cross handle those cases and invite Doctors without Borders to help coordinate with our Health Care Workers .We need National Projects like a National Health Care System so nobody dies because of Poverty or go Bankrupt due to illness.Our poor students need a National Assistance Program or a Student Loan Program so they can pursue their education and achieve their dreams,