High hopes for the New Year


(By Yen Makabenta, Opinion, January 4, 2014)
There are too little of us unfortunately to make a difference in this dismal country of ours. We are sandwiched between the rich (very) and greedy oligarchs and the poor masa who will for a bottle of gin sell their souls to them. We express our disgust about this government whose main obsession is how to perpetuate themselves and their next of kin in power but nobody cares. The rich and powerful together with corrupt politicians and a media that are controlled by them are so entrenched with a masa who will vote for them everytime what honestly can we hope for indeed. But there is a God that I believe will see us through and at the proper time will act to exact retribution for the evil that these people do. This keeps my hope alive.
Domingo, domingoligot@yahoo.com

Writer is absolutely right in his assertion that: “Hypocrisy, they say, is the most dangerous lie of all.” And the Abnoy is the greatest hypocrite and liar in our midst right now. Hence, we can not have any hope that our lot will be better in 2014.

He fills our heads with promises that corruption will be stemmed, that our economic life will be better, and that prosperity lurks in the corner. But we don’t see that happening, given his showing for unconcern (“you’re still alive, aren’t you?”) his propensity to lie and do things surreptitiously as if afraid that he will be discovered, his arrogance and his refusal to be corrected.

Heavens! I don’t see any redeeming trait in him as a leader. In fact, he has nothing to show historically, even as a congressman and senator. Hence, I’m reasonably sure that we will still be in the gutter, till the end of his term. Unless, it is cut short by the raging anger of the people.
Guadalupe, emmaroxas@yahoo.com

It really didn’t take long for Abnoy and his yellowist cabal to show their true colors. We’ll be expecting extensive, creative mining aka theft of the nations coffers in the last years of this disastrous presidency, starting with Malacanang. If we cannot stop this completely, we must be ready to round these criminals up on the last day and haul the lot to Bilibid, which should be repainted yellow in Abnoy’s honor.
David, Dbahomme@hotmail.com


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