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    Motul’s top-of-the-line, full synthetic racing oil with technical expertise and race track experience crammed into it, the 300V is the brand’s most popular product the most trusted brand by racing teams all over the world. The 300V is cutting-edge stuff, and while you certainly can use it in every application, it is advisable for usage for driving daily your high performance car.

    Mechanics at the Dakar Rally and Le Mans endurance race empty a can of the stuff into the competition vehicles they service, and it’s the exact same stuff that you can buy off-the-shelf at your local Motul dealer or service provider. Racing oils provide the same things that “street” (or regular) oils do: improve power, protect the engine, improve the reliability and longevity of components. 300V is a very specific product and there are even different formulations for different racing applications, from sprint races to endurance rallies.

    So besides those with actual racing cars, who should use 300V? Avid motor sports enthusiasts whose vehicle are in a high state of tune or which are used regularly at track days or sporting events such as time attacks, gymkhana or drag races.

    The reformulated 300V line now has eight different product options. Six viscosities found previously in the line include: 0W20, 5W30, 5W40, 10W40, 15W50 and 20W60. Two new additional viscosities include: 0W15 for pure performance and 0W40 for power and optimized reliability.

    Updated packaging features a redesigned 300V logo and eye-catching, easy-to-read labels. In order to guarantee product integrity, a unique three-dimensional code called Bubble Tag is a part of a protective foil tape placed across the cap of every two-liter container. Bubble Tag provides a digital imprint to accurately trace each product from initial production to its final sale and helps to guarantee only authentic 300V racing oil is inside each two-liter metal can.

    For details on how to improve your car’s performance, visit Autoplus Sportzentrium or log on to www.motul.com.ph. Motul oil and lubricants are also available in select dealers nationwide.


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