Higher PhilHealth contributions begin this month


Members of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) will start to pay higher contributions this month, following the rate hike which took effect the first day of the year.

Employed PhilHealth members will now be required to pay P200 as a monthly contribution compared with the P175 that members used to pay last year.

Contributions will be equally shared by the employer and the employee, the PhilHealth noted.

Individually paying members (IPMs) either self-employed and voluntary members, will also be required to pay P200 as a monthly contribution in contrast to the amount members used to pay, at P150.

PhilHealth indicated that IPMs with a monthly income of P25,000 and below will have to pay the new premium annual rate of P2,400.

Meanwhile, IPMs with an income of more than P25,000, on the other hand, shall continue to pay P3,600 in annual premium.

IPMs are allowed to choose three payment schemes including P600 per quarter, P1,200 semi-annually or P2,400 annually.

PhilHealth made the announcement on the rate hikes since October last year. PNA


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