Higher teachers’ salary under Binay presidency


The camp of Vice President Jejomar  Binay Tuesday has laid out his plans to improve teachers’ welfare, including raising their basic salary.

“The Vice President will ask the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council, which he plans to convene immediately under his presidency, to include bills increasing teachers’ salaries and benefits among other priorities,” Joey Salgado, media affairs head for the Office of the Vice President, said on Tuesday.

“We are looking at adjusting the salary of a Teacher 1 from the salary Grade 11 (P18,549) to at least salary Grade 19 (P33,859),” he added.

Salgado noted that low compensation forces many educators to leave their profession and the country for jobs abroad.

Teachers last received a salary increase in 2012.

Salgado said Binay intends to provide teachers increased instructional materials allowance, study grants for their children, tax exemptions for additional benefits given to them and funeral assistance through discounts in burial services.

The Vice President also plans to give public school teachers study leaves with pay every so many years, to enable them to upgrade their knowledge and teaching skills, he added.

Implementing these plans entails a huge budget and that is why the Vice President  would push for a 20-percent increase in the share of the education budget.

“Several bills on education are now filed in the Senate, including Senator Nancy Binay’s Public School Teachers’ Incentives Act of 2013 [SB 2006],” Salgado said.

“A Binay presidency will push for such notable bills, especially those providing benefits to the teachers, and those that will increase appropriations for education,” he added.

In a statement on the celebration of World Teachers’ Day, October 5,  Binay praised the contribution of teachers to his personal success.

“Education is the most effective social equalizer. What and where I am today–all that I have achieved–I have done so because of the education that I was fortunate enough to receive,” he said.

“But more than this, I was also fortunate enough to have been under the tutelage of teachers who taught, not merely because it was their job to do so, but because they valued and loved their profession. Their passion to impart knowledge as well as wisdom to the impressionable young minds that was theirs to mold never wavered,” Binay added.

The Vice President, however, also expressed disappointment over the plight of Filipino educators, many of whom are forced to look for other jobs overseas because of meager salaries here.


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  1. We should all work towards increasing the basic salaries of teachers. However, can you trust Binay to honestly do this? Can you trust someone who has several cases of plunder against him whether true or not? Is he just promising these to the teachers to get their votes? Please don’t be fooled.

  2. I agree with Nancy. He has lots of promises, just like what he did when he ran for Vice-President. Many believed him but now he is claiming that this position do not have have much powers under the constitution that is why we cannot expect much from him. Why run for VP in the first place. I hope his promises will not end up as excuses once he gets elected.

  3. We have a 3 Trillion Budget for 2016 and the current Administration is known for underspending. I don’t know why everyone’s wondering where to get the money. Economic gains is the forefront weapon of Aquino against critics but poverty alleviation is still a huge hill. If you don’t believe in Binay bringing his promises, that’s fine but stop shutting down ideas that might get us to where we should have been a long time ago like this raising of teacher’s taxes, or tax income reduction for middle income earners or subsidies to help farmers get on their way. Just vote for a candidate who you’ll think will spend the money where his/her promises are.

  4. Promises, promises, all cloaked in lies, lies, more lies.

    Binay was INCOMPETENT as vice president. He will be MORE INCOMPETENT as president. He will only STEAL more from the country!

  5. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Binay is promising a lot to the people. Ask him how and where will he get the money to fund all these. To the Filipino voters, be intelligent enough to know how shallow the platforms of Binay. He will take advantage of every minute deal and promises heaven and earth to the Filipinos just to get your votes. Binay forgot to promise HELL to the Philippines because the Philippines will become the worst third world country when he gets elected. Binay will steal more money for his Chinese dummies and will sell every island of the Philippines to China to get a 30% commission.