• Higher vegetable prices triggered by typhoons

    Talipapa on Luzon Avenue, Commonwealth, Quezon City.   PHOtO By RUy L. MARtINEZ

    Talipapa on Luzon Avenue, Commonwealth, Quezon City.

    Prices of some vegetables in Metro Manila markets went up from a week earlier because of typhoons Egay and Falcon, the Department of Agriculture (DA) reported on Thursday.

    Agriculture Assistant Secretary Leandro Gazmin told reporters that they have monitored upward adjustments in the prices of vegetables as consumers resort to “panic-buying” despite stable supply of commodities in the market.

    “Based on our monitoring, there’s a normal supply of crops from farms going to the markets. This [price increase]may be a result of scare-buying as consumers anticipate a supply issue that might happen,” Gazmin said.

    In several markets in the National Capital Region (Metro Manila), prices of sitao, carrots, cabbage, Baguio beans and sayote have gone up by as much as P10 per kilo, he added.

    Prices of other vegetables such as tomato and eggplants, as well as fruits, have dipped by P5 per kilo.

    Gazmin, also the director of the DA-Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service, said they expect prices to normalize in the following days, noting that heavy rains did not disrupt transport of goods.

    In fact, he said, the heavy rains are more beneficial than damaging to producers, as they ease effects of a prolonged drought in major vegetable-producing provinces.

    “Usually, after a storm or heavy downpour [traders doubt if they would be able to get supplies from producers]. We saw [that supplies had been stable]. We’ve monitored Nueva Vizcaya, Baguio and Urdaneta [Pangasinan] that have normal volume and delivery of their goods, so [the situation]will normalize,” Gazmin added.

    He said the Agriculture department is strictly monitoring price movements in the entire food supply chain to trace and stop any undue spike in the costs of basic commodities.


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