• Highest-paid SSS executive: A foundling of cronyism and patronage


    [Published Feb. 18, 2016] 

    THE Aquino administration knows no other way to manage and do things than by patronage and cronyism. Every time there is an appointment to be made, Aquino turns to a crony. Every time there is a government contract to be awarded, he picks a crony. And when there is a dangerous operation to be launched, he picks a crony.

    This is the valedictory insight of Reader Hector as he said farewell, before decamping for Singapore after a spell of working and living with us.

    Hector, whom readers will remember as the author of “The Philippines is an Onion” said glumly and cheerfully, “I am thankful that I will soon be uplifted by the 1st world standards and values of Singapore, rather than depressed by the 3rd world myopia and self-interest which permeates the Philippines.”

    This is a pity, because Hector has been lending his time and knowhow to the critical and constructive analysis of what is really ailing the Philippines and what is stopping us from realizing our potential for dynamism in the global economy.

    He says in frustration that from what he has seen, we are “a nation of takers, not creators.” Too many people make too much money without effort, or without making any real contribution, in this country. We are now a nation controlled by oligarchs and dynasts.

    In his critique of cronyism under Aquino, Hector says that among its most pernicious results are greater poverty and inequality in our society, because it stunts meritocracy from taking root and condemns national life to mediocrity.

    Seated, President Aquino and fellow Big Shot. Standing behind them, Bettina Antonio and Mar Roxas.

    Seated, President Aquino and fellow Big Shot. Standing behind them, Eliza Antonino and Mar Roxas.

    SSS as den of patronage and cronyism
    Significantly, he pointed to the Social Security System (SSS) as a den of patronage and cronyism.

    He used to be a trustee of a large corporate pension fund, so he is familiar with the kind of expertise required for managing and administering a massive pension system like the SSS. He presumed that SSS must have experts in its executive positions.

    When he got hold of a list of the annual salaries and compensation of SSS executives (see chart), his attention was immediately drawn to the name of Eliza Bettina Antonino because she is being paid the most – P6 million pesos a year. And it’s only a part-time job for her.

    Although she is just an SSS commissioner, Ms. Antonino’s salary exceeds that of the board chairman Juan Santos and SSS president Emilio de Quiros. It seems gallant of them to take less money than the young lady. But it’s not gallantry at all; they are just bowing to the wishes of the people who placed them in the SSS.

    The questions now being raised, within the system and in corporate boardrooms, are: Is Ms. Antonino an expert in actuarial science? Does she have a Wharton MBA, Wharton being famous for the training of finance managers and executives?

    Through routinary sleuthing and research, Hector learned that Ms. Antonino is a graduate in HRM (hotel and restaurant management) and was an intern at Four Seasons Hotel. From out of the blue, at the young age of 30, she was appointed as a commissioner of the SSS, and then in short order she landed on the boards of Philex and Union Bank, to represent the pension fund.

    How did Ms. Antonino get her SSS appointment? Who recommended her?

    This is where the story gets sticky and potentially messy. Before 2010, according to Hector, Ms. Antonino worked as an administrator for Mar Roxas, who now aspires to become the next president of the Philippines.

    Ms. Antonino’s good fortune and career is emblematic of the policy of patronage and cronyism of the Aquino presidency, which makes appointments purely on the basis of friendship, kinship, and class association at the Ateneo.

    No school has benefited more from the Aquino presidency than the Ateneo. If there are individual cronies, there is now also a crony school. No citizens have been the recipient of more spoils than Aquino’s classmates, as the tracing of connections has stretched all the way to grade school, high school and college. Only kindergarten was excluded, because his classmates there were girls.

    A preview of how Roxas will lead?
    Ms. Antonino’s appointment to the SSS cannot be laid at Aquino’s door. It is more likely that Mar Roxas was chiefly responsible for her appointment and meteoric rise at the SSS.

    Top officials of the SSS are cohorts of Roxas in the Hyatt 10 conspiracy against former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The setup was envisioned from the beginning when the group wormed their way into the inner circle of the Aquino presidency, taking all the plum finance positions in the Cabinet like finance and budget, and all the huge government and financial corporations like the SSS, the GSIS, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and others.
    salary20160218Hyatt 10 was like an octopus, and no one spread its tentacles more widely than Roxas and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

    From the beginning, Abad, who fancies himself as a political strategist, and Roxas, who feels entitled to be the successor of Aquino, had a game plan of commandering taxpayers money to finance Roxas’ march to the presidency. The details of the scheme are finally unfolding as the election campaign has gotten under way.

    To return to the subject of SSS patronage and cronyism, the connections of Ms. Antonino were so good, she got her mother appointed by President Aquino as chairperson of the Mindanao Development Authority.

    Now, we must wonder whether with Ms. Antonino’s story, we are getting a preview of how Mar Roxas will lead, and how power will be exercised to benefit friends and family.



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    1. pero pagdating sa issue ng increase sa pension funds ng senior citizens angal agad kasi daw kukulangin ang pondo ng SSS…

    2. Ms. Eliza Bettina R. Antonino served as Vice President of Business Development at WEMILCO Management and Development Company from January 2003 to September 2004. Ms. Antonino served as a Non-Executive Director of Philex Mining Corp. since April 27, 2011 until November 25, 2015. Ms. Antonino served as a Director of UnionBank of the Philippines from December 2010 to July 24, 2015. She served as a Commissioner of Republic of the Philippines Social Security System until October 30, 2015. She holds Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Administration from University of Phillippines, Diliman in 2000.

      Source: Bloomberg

      • And these qualify her to earn more than the President, ceo, EVp svp and vp? Shame on daang matuwid. Theres hidden something afterall..

      • yes…jumping from one place to another builds a career….have you ever had a job where building a career is important so you can acquire a better position. Jumping from one place to another in the span of 1 year and 3 years certainly isn’t a career building move.idiot.

      • I definitely agree that she has the qualifications. She comes from a family that are stockholders in big organisations. It does not matter what degree she finished but what is important is the Antonino family are very generous and care for the common people. I know because my father used to work for her Grandmother Magnolia Antonino in one of the mining companies they own, At an early age the Antoninos were exposed and trained to be future leaders because of their vast business ownership.

      • Aquino has really made his way of abusing his powers just as his mother did. Privatization happened during Aquino admin. Now, Filipinos are suffering to high health services, poor social services, low-quality transportation services which government could’ve handled and controlled. Now, SSS and other government agencies are headed by these ineffective and inefficient people. Antonino couldn’t fulfill her duties since there’s conflict of interests and bad faith. In financial matters, an expert without bias and prejudice is really a top priority for the position. I hope Duterte wins and put Santiago as the one who checks the graft and corruption happening in all government posts and departments. Let all contracts and agreements undergo thorough inspection not by the people involved but a special group of experts who don’t have hidden agenda, self-interests, or “utang na loob” system. Let us clean the government.

      • Adelle, stating that her family owns shares in a lot of big companies, and some mining companies as that as a basis for her appointment doesn’t really make her qualified. You’re only digger her deeper into the public perception hole she is in. You actually only make it look like she is indeed a crony with special interests. It actually looks like a favor being given back for political support? campaign contributions perhaps?

    3. What is the logic of using the word “foundling” in the title of the article? A foundling’s parents are supposed to be unknown and yet in the title, this highest paid SSS executive has identified parents called “patronage” and “cronyism?” A more appropriate term would have been “bastard” since such is a product (metaphorically) of an ellicit union.

    4. Antonino family is very influential in Gen San. They’re the reason why Pacquiao did not run in Gen San. However, they do not belong to Liberal Party. Perhaps, Mar Roxas and PNoy are just trying to get the votes of the people in Mindanao by using influential people like her.

    5. Bettina is surely illegible. Hindi mabasa. Pero eligible sya kay Mar. At least Mar can have proof na macho sya gaya ni Digong.

    6. Francis fueconcillo on

      What is even weird is Inquirer, abs-cbn and gma network is silent about this issue..

      Nag-iisip pa isasagot sa media?

    7. After reviewing the salaries of the officers & commissioners of SSS, I now know why Pres. Noynoy vetoed the P2,000 across the board increase of the pensioners. I was really wondering why Mar Roxas did not made any comment on this veto which definitely will affect his survey ratings. To tell the pensioners that SSS cannot afford to pay additional P2,000 per month per pensioner, but it’s ok to pay millions to numerous officers & commissioners of SSS, is totally absurd. No amount of explanation can be said to justify this grave abuse of authority and power. I trusted Pres. Noynoy and Mar Roxas. But now, I take back my trust. I feel sorry for my country.

    8. What more can we get? Shall we allow outselves to be heirs of this insignificantly mustered administration? Or, if not, it’s time for a change.

    9. de quiroz got the biggest compensation being PAID twice as president and board member totalling 6.8M. imagine the 116m can be used to pay 58,000 pensioners the additional 2000 pesos. and to think this is besides the per diem, benefits, bonuses and dividends from sss investment in companies like philex. no wonder a friend told me that those directors in goccs stand to get as much as 20m per year. it really pays to be a KKK.

    10. de quiroz has the highest salary having compensation as president and board member totaling 6.8M. and to think their salaries totalling 116m can be used to pay the additional 2000 pesos for 58,000 pensioners. these salaries is aside from the benefits, per diem, bonuses and dividends from SSS investment in companies like philex. no wonder somebody told me a director in these goccs can get as much as 20m per year. it really pays to be a KKK

      • josephine alcuizar on

        sa akin nga they stopped my SSS pension from my deceased husband even if I am still paying my monthly contribution …. for what reason?
        para I check kung buhay pa ang pensioner?

    11. Sorry, dahil sa hina ng aking 76-yrs old na mata, na-pick up ko ay 4,688,689.36, na ang tama ay 4,188,689.36. Ang total ay dapat P6,344,689.36.

      Pasensiya at nadagdagan ko ang total take ni bosing. Sa bagay, sa mga ganitong tao, ito ay barya-barya lamang, “P500,000 lang naman”.

    12. Tila’ di na i-spot. Si de Quiros ay dlaawa ang entry, as President/GM P 4,688,689.36 and as BOD member P 2,656,000 for a total of P 6, 844,689.36.

      Ang galing talaga ni Roxas! At sabi nga ni Pnoy, di lang magaling, “May Korina pa”.

    13. sabi mo indi ka magkawat itong ginawa mo aymalaking kawat dahil pera ng mga member na maglagay ka ng k o kaibigan diyan sa sss na sasahod ng 5million mas masahol pa ito sa isang ka kawat dahil pera ng member sa sss ang dinugas nyo para lang sa isang K kaya pala ayaw ibigay ni pnoy ang 2k na dagdag ay doon lang pala ninyo ibigay sa mga special K ninyo HAY NAKU

    14. Talaga naman hindi alam ni panot na hindi qualified tung bata ni roxas sa position nya ang laki pa ng sahod almost6m ang sahod nya sayang naman 6m para sa hrm graduate iba talaga pag malapit ka sa isang pulitico pano na kung manalo c mar baka cya ang papalit kay ochoa

    15. My guess is that this woman is just Mar Roxas’s dummy. How can she hold and perform responsibilities for key positions in SSS, Philex & Union Bank without having a background in finance?

    16. She finished her HRM degree from UP. Such a course does not exist at the Ateneo. Please do careful research.

      • basahin mo kasi maigi, hindi puro banat… saang part sinabi na ateneo grad si ms antonio? ang nabanggit tungkol sa ateneo ay ang mga appointees na classmates ni panot. si ms antonio ay “appointee” ni mar hindi ni panot. basa-basa uli bago comment… nagmamagaling kasi

    17. If not for the SSS pensioners congress-approved pension increased which was shot down by ABNOY this would not have been discovered…. rather irrational with so many junior officials receiving so much remuneration as compared to the more senior execs…. do we have 2 de quiros in the board? Are this two a father and son combo… a semblance of the well-renowned phrase “what are we in power for” and what make him any different from the marcoses where cronyism was first applied….

    18. Bakit ganun?..most of candidates who run before campaigns and promised changes and hope for the best of our country!!!how come when they already in the position, they soon forgot what they promised, and their mission to make this county a better country..the other country known us a corrupt!..and now we are almost left behind..and still in poverty..

    19. Placing or appointing not so qualified or incompetent individual to a higher post could mostly likely be a money making strategy of the appointee. For all we know, it could probably be that the chances are only a a certain percentage of the take goes to the appointed and the appointee gets the greater take. This is a common practice among corrupt politicians. Just as the case of former president Arroyo, if my recollection is right, the “manicurista” was also appointed as a board member of certain government agency (SSS din yata yon)

    20. We need competent finance people in SSS who can make the peoples funds grow. Streamline SSS management structure to reduce top heavy management overhead not qualified to manage the peoples fund. People who knows how to invest our money and get the best returns for the future benefit of all members.

      The fund is sacred hard eaned money of the working class for their old age. Politicians should not deep their hand into it.

    21. Who decides what salary these appointed non qualified grifters ?
      (A grifter is someone who swindles you through deception or fraud)

      Lets hear how this undergrad is worth 6 million a year and taking that salary while working full time for Mar Roxas.

    22. patronage politics and cronyism is worst in this administration…Si Binay, pang small scale corruption pa kasi Makati pa lang ang biktima…Si Roxas, kahit wala pa sa posisyon, garapalan na ang pangungurakot….kasi inilagay nya ang tao nya sa SSS tapos ito rin ang umupo sa Philex Mining…kaninong interest pa ang niri-represent nya sa Philex Mining? kay Roxas or sa SSS? take note that Roxas is also a big shareholder of Philex Mining.

      Mas malala ito, kasi palugi yung investment ng SSS sa Philex, at nanganganib talagang mabangkarote ang fund dahil sa kalidad ng mga tao nito…parang ginigisa nyo kami sa sarili naming mantika.

      papano kami makakasiguro na may matatanggap pa kaming pension pagtanda namin kung mismanaged naman ang fund? mas malalang kurapsyon dahil ilang milyon ang nanganganib na hindi na makukuha man lamang ang nararapat sa kanila pagtanda nila kahit patuloy pa rin ang pagbabayad nila sa kasalukuyan.

    23. Consuelo Villarante on

      I am utterly disappointed with the subject of this article! Why would an HRM graduate hold a key position in a government agency? It was not even mentioned if she was an honor graduate!

      Eliza Antonio never deserves to be in SSS, no wonder, these people do not have any compassion for the senior citizens. Lord, why are you so quiet while evil rages?

    24. She’s probably has special “talents” and is providing her “services” to those two men on a regular basis, otherwise how could you explain a young girl as herself with no experience earning that much moolah?

      • Siempre page wala Si korina at nasa provincial sorties sya …..kailangan pa bang umuwi Para uminom Lang Ng tubig….just widen your imaginations……

    25. Thank you Mr. Makabenta for this article. I find it not really surprising for we have an administration that is not only incompetent but corrupt, and the most hypocrite.

      God save us from these yellow bastards.

    26. I do believe that government employees must be paid well so that government can compete on more equal footing for the best workers with the private sector.

      That being said, I need to ask: does the SSS really need to shell out PHP 115 M annually to pay its board and top executives? Is there a need to have roughly 35 executives to run the SSS? Are each of these posts so specialized that ever little part of the SSS has to have its own multimillionaire running their own department? Can’t there be some streamlining in place to save the SSS some money and benefit its members and pensioners more?

      Just asking…

      • Cynthia Johnson on

        Hi Jose G,
        I also is wondering why our SSS has so many commissioners, vice-presidents, executives to run it? What are they doing in their offices and receiving millions annually? In my humble opinion the padrino system in the Philippines can only be fixed if our government is run by people who put our GOD first in their lives……

      • Completely disagree… serving in the government is purely personal sacrifice for the service of the Filipino people… this is pure dedication to contribute one’s talent, skills and competence to improve government service and professionally train and improve efficiency of government manpower…..

    27. Ms. Antonino sgould return all that was paid to her minus a justifiabke amount asdirector’s fee per board meeting attended, to be fair to her. Then give the money to the pensioners asap! Also, let’s pls distinguish those who have served the SSS as career officials vs. the political appointees. The former should be spared the ire of members.

    28. Dapat malaman ito agad ni Koring. ‘Lang ya ito, ang maintenance ng kabit naka charged sa SSS tapos 6 million per year. Yop ka Roxas, d kalang palpak, corrupt din pala. Ang yaman mo di ka na lang doon kumupit sa kita ng ina mo.

    29. These are the faces of thieves…It will take another generation to change our ways. “Tong” is the basis of livelyhood for most people

    30. OUR FILIPINO POLITICS, NOTHING NEW, BUT A CONTINUING PAST (to borrow a phrase from the late nationalist Prof. Renato Constantino).

      Frankly, this is nothing new, as such is an established pattern of so-called leadership in our homeland. Mere talk of such in each presidential regime or generation has not amounted to anything that resulted in desired change for the public/common good.

      Our ruling elite, then and now mainly from our oligarchs and recognized names of politicians (from the LGUs to provincial to regional to national), the nouveau riche of dubious sources of wealth, and in cahoots with the Chuinese taipans and foreign businesses (Amercan Chamber of Commerce,as usual in lead), do not care about the native Filipino majority, including its dwindling middle class (replaced by resident aliens, mainly Chinese who never want to assimilate and arrogant towards us natives IN OUR OWN HOMELAND!!).

      See also:http://www.thefilipinomind.com/2014/03/the-politics-of-filipinos.html

      We need to do more research to expose such shenanigans to the public, hopefully not only in English, but more so in our native languages/dialects for greater mass knowledge of “what’s really going on.” Mass-directed education is an important prerequisite for our desired national changes and goals, for the “common good.”

      We do not have to wait for one shining armor to start it. We all need to inform ourselves more, to become one who will have political and social awareness to act and pass the information along to others.

      As the cliche says, “Knowledge is power,” to critically think about leadership, in government, military and business, so we would not be fooled as we have often been up to the present and highly probabe till the next generation or two, of our descendants. That is the first major step towards real change. And lastly, we need perseverance, beyond election times. Let us stop our Filipino MInd characteristic thinking and acting of “ningas-kugon.”

    31. etong mga taong akala e sila lang ang may karapatang mamuhay ng maayos ay dapat ipatikim sa kanila kung pano maghirap, at paghirapan ang kkitain nila, di na pwede yong sila sila lang dapat buong BANSA AT MGA MAMAMAYANG PILIPINO ang makinabang sa kung ano mang kayamanan meron ang bansang pilipinas!!!., nang dahil sa yaman na yan ay makgawa ng trabaho para sa lahat ng mga pilipino at para maging prodoktibo ang bawat mamayang pilipino, sa pamamagitan ng pagbbigay ng trabaho at tamang sahod magging maunlad ang ating bansa!!!,

    32. Sickening! So this is matuwid na daan? Tuwad na Tuwad talaga papuntang impotent para sa mga Pilipinong walang connect … Sa nagsasabinh I- analyze din ang ibang kandidato. KUNG meron man, sigurado ako na di kasing garapal at kasing lain no Roxas at Binay!

    33. Not only should we investigate more on Bettina Antonino…this obvious “shenanigan” should be investigated by either Congress, the Senate or the anti-corruption private groups!

    34. Now we know where our money/contributions go! Yan ba ang gusto ninyong maging presidente natin? What more if he become our president?!! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

    35. Har har har You take out the Marcos oligarchs only to replace them with a much worse bunch that started from Cory’s time. The revolution fucked us big time.

    36. She’s receiving an almost P6M for a part time job while most of the pensioners receives only a P1k+ per month. Mahiya naman kayo pera namin yan. Tas yung 2k na pension increase di pa maibibigay. Anak nang tupa naman! Kailangan maimbistigahan tong si Miss Antonio at Mar Epal!

    37. The Hallmark of Daan Matuwid is lace with lies and deception. How many more can be unearth as election day comes.

      • The author is correct, it is the SSS who mistakenly put the surname Antonio, so that SSS will not know the truth or the identity of Ms. Antonino…

    38. She is Eliza Bettina Antonino, not Antonio. She is the sister of Darlene Antonino-Custodio, former mayor of General Santos City, and daughter of former Representative of the 1st District of South Cotabato Luwalhati Ricassa-Antonino ( also chair of the Mindanao Development Authority). At a very tender age, she was already a very influential aid to Roxas when the latter ran for Senate in 2004.

      Has the SSS deliberately listed her name as “Antonio” all this time?

    39. asilentobserver on

      I was a first year college student when the Edsa revolution occurred, so I experienced the time of martial law. Ang naaalala ko nong araw, may nutribun sa public school, nakikita ko kasi ang tita ko, principal sa public school. Page sa jeep, nagpapapara, Hindi pwede ka hit San Lang, dapat sa jeepney stop. Meron heart center, pcmc, kidney at lung center. Meron experimental cinema of the Philippines, na tuwing December ata yon na nagpapalabas ng quality films like Oro plata mata, Hindi yong tipo ng pinalalabas pag mmff ngayon. Memorize namin ang panama get makabayan at May GMRC sa curriculum. Marring sheltered ang buhay ko Pedro yon ang naaalala ko eh. Malaki ang kaibahan sa ngayon. Sa jeep na Lang eh, ka hit San pwede silang huminto Kaitlin sa gig a ng Kalye. Maraming nagbuwis ng buhay noon, Pedro ngayon din naman, mata I ang nagbuwis ng buhay. Ang difference Lang noon at ngayon, pag nangyari nong martial law, kasalanan ni Marcos. Post martial law, katulad ng me diols massacre, sino May kasalanan? Hang gang ngayon kasi, Hindi ko Alanm Kung sino ang nanagot don. Sinisi ba si Cory or ang generals Nya at that time? Yong mga binabaril ng militar at pulls sa Kalye, yong na torture na mga estudyante or militants post martial law hang gang ngayon, sinisi ba sa presidente/gobyerno? Para kasing I a I ang Pananaw natin sa nangyari noon at ngayon…ironic nga ang mga nababasa ko sa Facebook kasi mars I nagsasabi na wag daw I I too si Marcos kasi wala daw sya nagawa sa senado at pag binoto sya Dahil Marcos siya, tanga ang boboto sa kanya. Eh di ba si noynoy binoto at naging presidente maski walang accomplishment sa senado at congress dahil anak sya ni ninoy at Cory? Necropolitics is di ba? Nap aka ironic yong logic na ginagamit ng Ilan pero ok Lang pag sila ang gagamit ng reasoning na yon. Ang point ko Lang, wala naman nagbago. May democracy nga, hindi naman ginagamit sa tama. Hindi komo may democracy kahit ano pwede ng Gawin. Bakit tayo matatakot pag nanalo si bongbong? Baka daw ibalik ang martial law- pero pano Nya ibabalik ang martial law eh Vice President Lang sya if ever manalo, papayas ang presidente? Di ba may democracy tayo? May congress at senado? Ibig bang sabihin, lahat ng iboboto natin sa senado at kongreso, papayag na mangyari yon? Pag nangyari nga yon, Ibig sabihin, lahat ng inupo natin sa senado at kongreso, mali. Ang galling naman Nya kasi Kung nagawa Nya yon. Sa akin palagay, nangyari ang martial law kasi pumayag tayo. Kung Pumayag ang mga mogul ang natin noon,Hindi dapat nanagyari. Kaya nga, we get the government we deserve kasi tayo ang naglagay ng mga leaders sa Pwesto. Naniniwala pa din Ako na nasa tao pa din ang kapangyarihan. Kailangan lang natin alamin Kung pano gamitin ang kapangyarihan na binibigay satin ng demokrasya na ipinagmamalaki natin na Meron tayo matapos ang Edsa 1. Opinion ko Lang po ito. Hindi po Ako pro Marcos. Nag iisip pa din Kung sino ba ang talagang dapat Kong iboto.

    40. Ramon M. Macaraig on

      Yen and Hector, you are wrong. Dig deeper as she is an Antonino, not Antonio. She is the daughter of Adel and Luwalhati, the head of MINDA. Magnolia is her grandma. She has politics all over her pedigree. Please be more accurate next time.

    41. She is not a foundling at all… She is daughter of this Aquino’s Cabinet Secretary…

      Luwalhati Ricasa-Antonino (born October 22, 1943) born in Upi, North Cotabato, and raised in Kiamba, Saranggani Province, is the Chairperson of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), the highest public post in Mindanao. She is part of President Benigno S. Aquino III’s Cabinet, holding the rank of a national Secretary.

      So here you go… an H & R graduate, daughter of a Secretary, gets MILLIONS every year…

      What a painful reality this is…

      • What is your problem here with moderation approval? Ridiculeous!

        Just to check all to Wiki and you will see who is that Yellow Crook!!!

        or maybe you are part of Yellows?

    42. Mr. Makabenta always emphasizes the negatives in the Aquino administration but is afraid to conclude that the country would have been better off if Joseph Estrada instead of Pnoy were elected President. Everybody has plus and minuses but at least it is fair to conclude that the Philippines made tremendous progress in the economy. Maybe part of it is because of GMA but PNoy gets credit because it happened under his watch.

    43. Her name is Eliza Bettina R. Antonino not Antonio. She is a scion of a powerful political clan from GenSan and sister of the former Mayor Darlene Antonino – Custudio and daughter of current MinDa Chair Luwalhati Antonino.
      She was the former executive officer from the office of Mar Roxas.
      A loyal stalwart who was rewarded a juicy position.

    44. The author must have tangible proof of this SSS officers payroll . He would be sued for perjury if this info is wrong. The editors of Manila Times must have check. You know who is affected, not the general public but the seniors that were given pensions that is not enough to pay for maintenance medicine. Millions are paid for a 30 year old employee and I only receive 1750.00 per month having paid my contribution for 20 plus years of service.

    45. If this Hector guy really care about the Philippines, revolution starts from an idea and spread to fruition.
      Like a lot of people are saying, leadership in the Philippines will be the same as long as the same voters vote for money and influence.
      Have you ever heard of a leader of a religion telling an elected official to appoint this person to a very powerful position of influence or an undergraduate of Elementary Grade a candidate for SENATOR?
      That big salary and position of an HRM graduate (although there are HRM graduates that are quite brilliant and imaginative) is a malignant sign of the cancer of society in our country.

    46. Only the French Revolution got rid of perverted crooks stealing the nation.

      Now in the Philippines, too many believe Aquino is the Revolution, not the leader of the Yellow Crooks!

    47. Driggs Matabaran on

      Thank you for sharing this information to the public. Now we know why SSS can not even afford to increase the pension of retired members . . .

    48. MAnilaTimes_are_fraud on

      Mr. Makabenta saan nyo po nakuha figures ng salary ng mga ito? sa HR ba ng SSS? o imbento nyo lang para magsimula ng GULO sa Pilipinas at maka pag KURAKOT na naman kayo.. sana mga taga Manila times, Tribune at manila standard writers nalang nasama sa Maguindanao Massacre… puro kayo walang kwenta

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Napakahirap bang tanggapin and katotohanan? Hanggang ngayon ba tayong mga Filipino ay magbubulagbulagan at paloloko sa mga nagsasamantala sa bayan? Maliwanag naman kahit di natin suriin, sa lifestyle lamang ng mga nabanggit na mga pangalan na kung hindi man sila nasasapubliko ay makikita sa mga tanyag na pahayagan. Bakit nga ba tayo nagkakaganyan? Ang mga mata ay kulay DILAW na nagbabadya ng nakatatakot na karamdaman. Pagpalain tayo ng Panginoon. Pagpalain at tulungan ang bayan ng Panginoon na malampasan ang nagbabadyang salot sa bayan.

      • johnny batungbakal on

        If there is smoke, there is fire. Maybe you should look at what is happening to us – lahat ng tao, ultimo bata kapag bumili sa store ay nagbabayad na ng VAT – taxes! at hindi ito namamalayan ng publiko pero araw araw ay nangyayari. Ang taong bayang mahihirap at manggagawa ay gatasang baka ng mga walang hiyang oligarko at mga negosyanteng malalaki na puro exempt sa taxes, samantalang si Juan de la Cruz na kumikita ng kulang pa para sa kanyang pamilya ay araw araw pinapatay ng gobyernong walang kuwenta at kurakot! KELAN PA BA TAYO MAGIGISING SA ATING PAGKAKAALIPIN SA MGA MAPANG APING URING ITO??? Ngayon tanungin mo uli ang sarili mo kung sino ang walang kuwenta?

      • Hoy buwisit, ang isang reporter hindi basta makapag publish ng report kung walang supporting documents. Nag-aral ka ba? Logic lang. Dapat sa iyo dalhin sa planetang Mars (sabi nga ni Enrile).

      • Bakit manila times are fraud ayaw nio ilantad ang tunay nio pangalan mga duwag ba kayo at ayaw nio na malaman na nga bayaran kayo ng kultong dilaw wag kayo magbulagbulagan o baka naman nabahaginan kayo ng kultong dilawan.

      • Theyellowarmyisafraud on

        The figures came from the sss ifself which de quiros presented to congress during a hearing. Do your research yellowtard.

      • If the list of the salaries of the commisioners are not true, i am sure Sss will deny it. It has been days n not a peep was heard from them..

      • An incisive report with a list of SSS Officials annual compensation plus background investigation of one of its officers and you only retort is “kalokohan ito, kalokohan ito, kalokohan ito !” …Naman ,make it more a constructive objection and not only a phrase typed 3 times and exclamation mark for emphasis.

      • bobby gochangco on

        A refutation must be accompanied by equally strong evidence. Kalokohan ito is only a personal statement and does not have integrity

    49. aquino and his cohorts made hay while millions of Filipinos wallowed in abject poverty. anybody who is not a beneficiary, or would be beneficiaries of roxas should he miraculously win and become president after pnoy, must be out-of-their wits to allow these pernicious men & women to control the reign of government come june 2016.

      if that happens, may god have mercy to the country and the masses.

    50. That’s why we have the most TANGA and incompetent VP hopeful na si Roxas and the most abnoying president the country had, no greater disaster than having these 2 BOPOLS.

    51. This shows that our de facto president is not Aquino but Roxas. The former is the de jure president and is there only as a figure or titular head like the queen of Britain.
      I am sorry, I am one of those who were fooled to believe Aquino is a messiah…. I am such an a$#%@!e believing such.

      • Sorry but the Mamasapano incident demonstrates otherwise. Roxas never made the decisions for PNoy unless you have evidence to prove it.
        Aquino is not a messiah and none of the presidential aspirants will be. But he had a favorable rating since he became president and it is fair to conclude that he made some achievements during his tenure, and we can’t conclude he is the worst compared to all the presidents after Marcos. How would you ranked them anyway and where will PNoy be?

      • Just look at Aquino performance when he was a congressman and senator. He was not able to make any law as a lawmaker. When choosing, always look at the performance first then education. I still wonder why Filipinos vote for a congressman and. Or senator that does not have a college degree and cannot even understand and speak English ? We have some I do not like to mention.

      • hahaha whoever thought that electing a psychologically incapacitated to be president just because his weak and corrupt mother died will lead to anything good?

    52. Corruption, cronyism, patronage, padrino system, politics in everything – is this unique in the Aquino administration? I disagree. Is this something new? You know the answer to that. Is this a fact of life that we have to embrace or is it a pain in our collective asses that we have to endure or maybe try to overcome? If we talk of change, where do we start? How? If we talk of economic, political, social, moral revolution, who would lead? Can our educators, our spiritual and government leaders step up and be shining examples of integrity, simplicity, fairness, and efficiency?
      The late pop king Michael Jackson said if you want to make a change, begin by looking at the man in the mirror, and start from there.

      • Abnoy administration is the WORST in the Philippine history. Sobra ang kurakot – garapalan. To end this, dapat, HINDI dapat iboto ang mga kandidato ng LP (Presidente, Vice-Presidente at Senador).

    53. Is this the so called matuwid na daan of Pinoy and Mar?

      This column is timely to let the filipinos know the real hidden agenda of these people in the administration now.

    54. How about doing the same kind of analysis for the VP office and Makati administration of Mr. Jejomar Binay? or for the salaries of Mayor Duterte’s office in Davao City, especially those of his friends and relatives? How about analyzing the corporate connections of M. Defensor Santiago and G. Poe Llamanzares and their financial share from such corporations? Or the salaries of their office staff? Do you think these positions are free of “patronage”?

      If indeed Mar Roxas is responsible for Bettina Antonio’s appointment, then clearly his “more daang matuwid” campaign is just hypocritical and a farce. If he wins, it will be a case of “here’s the new boss, same as the old boss”. Someone should confront him publicly about this claim. Let us hear from Mar who supposedly does not allow any of his relatives to be employed by the Government. So far, he has shown that he does not hesitate to shy away from such confrontation and public accountability. Look at the way he handled the charge that he used his friend’s airplane for campaigning. He handled it very well by providing details about the arrangement. He did not use Government money or LP money, but he used his own to pay for the costs involved. By contrast, we are still waiting for Mrs. Llamanzares and Chiz Escudero to fulfill their promise to reveal the owner and the kind of deal in place for the airplane(s) that they use as they go campaigning in various provinces or islands.

      There is no question that Ateneo has profited greatly from the Aquino administration. What did you expect from an Ateneo alumnus? No different from Harvard’s “gain” from USA President Obama’s administration or Oxford Univ. from UK’s D. Cameron. Do you think UP and its people will not benefit if VP Binay who graduated from the UP College of Law wins the presidency?

      What is really more interesting is the public support and preference of some of Ateneo’s professors for Mrs. Llamanzares. For example, one opinion writer for an online newspaper (a Law professor at Ateneo) has made known his view that Mrs. Llamanzares should be allowed to run based on “vox populi, vox Dei”, thereby ignoring the Philippine Constitution. And now, there are several organizations with their origin and base headquarters at Ateneo that have suddenly emerged to help “foundlings” – a segment of society for which Ateneo did zilch or very little, if at all, in the past. Do you suppose it might have something to do with the prospect of getting grants and funds from PNoy and his administration, who, if Mar does not win, expects the winner to be the “Chosen Foundling”? Or maybe these supposedly non-profit NGOs are just hedging their bets for future financial considerations from a potential Llamanzares’ administration?

      Good luck and adieu to Hector. He certainly made a lot of accurate observations about the Philippines. Although Singapore sounds like a major improvement over the Philippines, I am not certain that as time goes by he will find its so-called first-world standards and values “trumping” the debits or negatives that he will find there. Apart from the fact that one cannot really compare a nation-state of about 3-million people to one with a population of 103 million, especially, one possessing a unique history and culture, I predict that soon he will recognize – as did my relatives and friends who had lived and worked there – that though It might be messy in the Philippines, nevertheless, it is more democratic, has more freedoms such as free speech, and you are not constantly under surveillance. You can even spit on the sidewalk without repercussion or fear of being put in jail! Yup, as they say “it is more fun in the Philippines”!

      • Hurray to Erlee’s comment. Very sound. With elections some 3 months away, we expect to see mud-slinging to occur. This may be a true article about Ms. Antonio’s salary and connections. Then again, it may not be. I agree to compare with other presidentiables. Bananas to bananas.

      • Indeed, I have lived in major cities and I can say that nothing compares with The Philippines, Manila in particular. Even in Singapore, you can never freely write like this in their Singapore Strait Times. At this moment, the trappings of modernity may seem to be the attraction for the city state but they forget that even the “masa” in Singapore complain not only about the taxes and high prices but more on the restrictive manner they are being made to follow the “law”. Sad to say, those facade of “progress” visible in their skyline cater more for the expats and foreigners but not for the locals. In five years time after benigno’s term, we can see and feel the advances that we shall have which will soon become the envy of other Asean nations.

      • good job for the comment erle, i hope all the filipinos out their should read your comment so that they will enlighten how to choose a good leader, grabe noh na kakaawa ang magulang ko ganun lng kaliit ang makukuha nila at di lng sa magulang ko sa mga tao na nag TRATRABAHO NG MAAYOS AT NAG BABAYAD PA NG TAMANG BUWIS! buti nga di nila isiniwalat dito un nakuha natin sa United Nation noon panahon ng YOLANDA! asan ang pera dun kung tlgang na distribute yan ng maayos. sana this time we CHOOSE WISELY!!!!!

      • “Apart from the fact that one cannot really compare a nation-state of about 3-million people to one with a population of 103 million…”


        the Phils has more people in the middle class and up than Singapore’s 3 million people……

      • ikaw na ang nakkita lang ang pang sarili ang pamilya mo lang ikaw ang dapat unahin o kay kasama ka sa mga taong dapat E ARTIKULO UNO!!!, sa inyo ok lang ang ganito dahil nakaka angat kayo sa buhay, PILIPINO KA BA???????????!!!!!!!!!!, palibhasa sa village ka lang at sa mga mall ka lang nakakaratin!!!, at di mo nasubukang sumakay ng JEEP, at umuwi ng hating gabi galing sa trabaho?, kaya ganyan ka bulok ang pananw mo more fun in the Philippines?, para sa inyong mga may kaya at mga may koneksyon sa gobyernong CORRUPT!!!!, KUNG AKO SAYO UMPISAHAN NYO NANG MAGBALOT, AT IISA-ISAHIN KAYO NG MAGIGING PINUNO NG BANSA NA SI PRESIDENT DUTERTE AT VICE PRESIDENT CAYETANO!!!!!

      • Probably not fair to compare Singapore to the Philippines.

        Philippines compared to other Banana republics would be more accurate.

      • Can’t wait for Mr Mar Roxas to explain his side on this story,and yes Ateneans is really making a killing in all of these juicy government positions,,,KKK anyone?,,

      • This, if true, that an unqualified person can ascend from obscurity to the peak of financial management without formal qualification and significant post-graduate experience has to be the greatest scandal in Philippine Government, since the last one!
        In the western world, people used to refer to so-called tropical and equatorial “emerging countries” that had less than perfect administrations as Banana Republics”..
        Whenever my children ask for “saging” in the future, this latest example of undue patronage will spring to mind..

    55. ELIODORO M. PONIO on

      Mr. Yen:

      The meaning of “Matuwid na Daan” is simply “Pinaka-garapal na administrasyon” ever.

      Now Mr. “Pick up” would want to continue this straight road – kawawa naman si Juan dela Cruz..

      Continue the good work, Mr. Yen. God Bless!

    56. The story of Bettina Antonio must be researched very well especially what REALLY is her connections to Boy driver Mar Roxas. How and why is she and her family members connected with Roxas. There is something sinister in this persona and apparently the story does not stop in this article. Dig, dig and dig and we will find out the answers of so many questions. Is Bettina Antonio even a civil service illegible?

      • OMG!No wonder even Mark ‘lahar scam king’Lapid
        is also included in the LP senatorial line up!The guy doesn’t eve have a civil service eligibility.TUWID NA DAAN PA MORE!

      • Ms. Antonino sgould return all that was paid to her minus a justifiabke amount asdirector’s fee per board meeting attended, to be fair to her. Then give the money to the pensioners asap! Also, let’s pls distinguish those who have served the SSS as career officials vs. the political appointees. The former should be spared the ire of members.