Highlights of Duterte’s SONA


Policy pronouncements
• The fight against criminality, illegal drugs and corruption “will be relentless and sustained,” and the government will not stop “until the last drug lord, financier and pusher have surrendered or have been put behind bars or below the ground.”
• Climate change agreements must not stymie the country’s industrialization
• Government will implement unilateral ceasefire with communist rebels effective immediately
• The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act will be implemented to allow parents to plan and space births
• Mining projects allowed but must comply with standards and pay correct taxes
• No demolition of squatters’ homes without relocation
• Task force on media killings will be formed to protect “bona fide” journalists
• Gates of Malacañang will be opened to accept complaints from the public
• Monthly rice subsidies for the poor through the DSWD
• Full implementation of the Magna Carta of Women

Legislative wishlist
• Reduction in personal and corporate income tax rates
• Amendments to the Bank Secrecy Law
• Emergency powers to solve transport and traffic problems
• The Bangsamoro Basic Law without unconstitutional provisions
• Shift to a federal system of government
• Creation of the People’s Broadcasting Corp. to replace PTV-4, with separate television channels for Muslims and the Lumad
• Whistleblower Protection Act
• Consolidation of agencies handling overseas Filipino workers
• Universal health insurance through the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.

Major projects
• Additional runway at NAIA through Merville Subdivision, or if not possible, transfer of the airport to Clark, with a fast train to and from Manila
• Removal of transport terminals from major roads
• Inter-island shipping linkages
• Rail systems north and south of Manila, Panay, Cebu City and Davao City; the Mindanao Railway Project
• Free wi-fi access in selected public places


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  1. douglas mcarthur on

    Mr. Fyi, you are insisting those kind of words when President duterte already stated that we must not dwell into the past and vindictiveness is not in his system. probably, they will still be charged for what they have done but dwelling into it more deeply will create more and more ripples that will lead into another conflict/issues and solving the current issues created by the past, which are the very core of his term, will be neglected and forgotten. How can we move forward if we keep dwelling in the past? This is one of the reasons why Philippines havent progressed for years after our independence from the foreign conquerors because of that kind of thinking. And I think we must give him a chance to prove to us that his title “Man of Action” is true or merely a title.

  2. to fyi says: July 26, 2016 at 1:16 am

    A bit distracted on what’s the point, aren’t you? LOL

  3. Why can’t the LTO come up with a program that enable renewal of car registrations and Drivers’ licences via on-line services. This will tremendously reduce volume of physical transactions in the LTO offices.

    Kudos also to the preposition of President DU30 that issuance of vehicle plates be at the point of sale.

  4. A week ago Duterte’s SONA was being hyped as the most explosive SONA ever.

    More promises and vision statements while the corrupt pork stealing congressmen are the attending audience.

    Big deal.