Highways of agony


(By Ben Kritz, Opinion, December 19, 2013)
I totally agree with the opinion about the complete disregard of respect to the people who died in that tragic accident. The Philippines is like a ship without a captain and the whole country is governed by stupid politicians and unqualified officials whose main concern is to line their pockets and steal whatever they can. My only hope is that one day these people will realize that they have to change and to try to do things better by electing honest and qualified people to run the government just like in the western countries . The whole world has the internet and they should learn and use these tools to improve their lives.
Ben Apilan, apilan_ruben@yahoo.ca

Outside of metromanila, the country’s other large cities are following exactly the same template metromanila has adapted. It is devoid of a wholistic approach in addressing the transport of people, goods and services and the lack of supportive infrastructure.
Alconce, vpaviles@yahoo.com

I wonder if the President and Roxas read your column because they should be both ashame of themselves not taking care of the problem of public transportation.
Thumilde, tessghumilde@hotmail.com


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