Hike in QC property taxes


This has reference to your news item entitled, “BIG FIRMS SUPPORT HIKE IN QC PROPERTY VALUES,” published on November 27, 2016.

Before we read the body of that news item, we were very happy to read about such support of the big firms for the possible increase of our real property tax.

However, after reading the entire news item, we instead got confused, bewildered and confounded about such support, simply because there is no concrete showing that the big firms in Quezon City supported the intended increase of the real property tax. It is merely the alleged representatives of the big firms that supported the possible increase, such as SM Prime Holdings, Megaworld Corporation and other trade organizations.

Well-settled is the universal rule that in the absence of authority from the board of directors, no person, not even its officers, can validly bind a corporation, and the law vests a corporation with a personality distinct and separate from its stockholders, officers or members.

Thus, there is no doubt that the said representatives are not the big firms themselves, which support the possible increase of the real property tax in Quezon City.

We are expecting that your good newspaper will not puzzle your wide readers, including the undersigned.

Maraming salamat.



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