His Eminence’s naive and ignorant trust in the PCOS electoral process


FIRST of all, the author of this Times editorial would like to declare that he has asked Our Lord in a solemn meditation for pardon for having to criticize the stand and statement made by His Eminence Archbishop of Manila Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle against the call of the National Transformation Council for President B. S. Aquino to step down.

It does not seem to us that the Archbishop Cardinal disagrees with the NTC’s reasons for finding it necessary to implore President Aquino to step down for the common good. It is just that he believes that instead of giving Aquino the boot, the nation should cooperate with him and his administration to strengthen government institutions.

Accepting the possibility that indeed under BS Aquino governance has become so bad, His Eminence agrees that change must be made–but serenely and with civility.

“The election is near. So let the electoral process work and let the people decide who the next leader should be. He (President Aquino) is no longer seeking reelection,” he said in London.

The National Transformation Council includes many Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. Among them are Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles and former CBCP president Archbishop Capalla. They see that the Aquino administration has committed so many social crimes and must end soonest before it inflicts more harm on our people, our society and our Republic.

We agree with the NTC’s call and regret to see Archbishop Cardinal Tagle shoring up the criminally negligent, corrupt and mendacious President BS Aquino’s tottering regime.

What we most lament is finding that his Eminence has spoken in support of President Aquino’s remaining in office apparently without regard to the facts about our nation’s precarious political condition.

He gives unwarranted value to the power of the people to change our country’s leadership through the electoral process in 2016.

Smartmatic-PCOS has destroyed our electoral process
The destruction of our electoral process is a major reason the members of the National Transformation Council wish Mr. Aquino not to stay on as president any day longer.

Archbishop Cardinal Tagle does not seem to know that — unless President Aquino gives up his predilection for the Comelec’s will to continue the use of the Smartmatic Automated Election System or AES in the 2016 election–the electoral process will no longer give us, the people, the power to choose who our next leader will be.

For the Smartmatic AES with PCOS machines is a fraudulent and illegal system.

Experts in information and cyber technology, technical experts in electoral methods and systems, former officials of the Commission on Elections have explained, and demonstrated, in congressional hearings, in articles in The Manila Times and some other publications (but not in the conscript press), in radio and TV interviews, in forums at colleges and universities that the Smartmatic Systen cum PCOS machines employed in the 2010 and 2013 elections and to be employed again in 2016, is ILLEGAL and fraudulent. The system produces results that do not reflect the people’s will.

These experts–unjustly maligned by former Comelec Chairman Brillantes as mere troublemakers — have shown that ballots inserted into the PCOS machines are sometimes misread, sometimes not read at all, sometimes altered intentionally through the manipulation of the programs in the cards (the software bearing chips placed inside the machines) by technicians who possess the codes and passwords.

They have shown that the Smartmatic System-cum PCOS machines, in violation of the two Philippine laws governing the automation of our elections, is a process that has no transparency, no verification system and no public display of results at the precinct level. Only the PCOS machine “knows” what the precinct vote count is.

The PCOS machines transmit results to canvassing centers without these results being verified and certified to be correct by the teachers who make up the precinct Board of Election Inspectors. For how can these humans of the BEIs certify anything if they do not see how the ballots have been handled and the votes in them counted inside the bowels of the PCOS machine?

This is the electoral process that the members of the National Transformation Council would like to change because it means the death of Philippine democracy. And the process can only change if President Aquino wills to terminate Smartmatic AES/PCOS machine control. But he will not.

This is the electoral process that, naively and ignorantly, our dear and revered Archbishop Cardinal Tagle is telling us to trust in 2016 so we can choose our next president, senators, congressmen and local government officials.


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  1. Ronaldo Valdes on

    You can talk and talk and you know nothing will change. From Marcos to the present , whoever you elect as a leader is either corrupt or dumb.. NOW who do you think is the best replacement for PNOY….. Binay….. ayayayay… Roxas…….Hmmmmm…. Sen. Poe…inexperience ..tsk tsk tsk…Maybe a Clergy….ngek..ngek… Poor Country …its all your fault ..you always make a wromg choice…this time be smart… vote with confidence and knowledge… not on popularity like actors ,actress,boxers, basketball players, or political family clan and lagay….We dont need smartmatic machine..we need smart voters.

  2. The tentacles of the Yellow Gang reached even the clergy and indeed Cardinal Tagle and CBCP president Arch. Villegas are certified members of this fanatic group. Their blind devotion to the Aquino family has prevented them from seeing Aquino’s vileness, vindictiveness, hatred and several acts of slander.

  3. If and when our Gallant Military & Police Leaders fails to act immediately, I am afraid but BBL is sure to be passed unscathed, for no matter how you call Pnoy-chio names, he was born to create these chaos to this country. Also, the dreaded Hocus Pcos will give the full assurance that the Hell-bound yellow regime would continue beyond 2016. I am indeed sad that how ironic it was that the good likewise came from where my ancestors was born, yet he chose to side with the dark side.

  4. And the RC in the Philippines are not being guided by heaven. Because if they are indeed guided, why are they against each other? How sad. Nothing has changed since the time of the Roman Empire where they originated. Social issues that abound and the use of populace and mind-setting are the name of the game. It’s an old tactics already even during ancient times.

    Check the history, nothing goods happen whenever religion and politics mixed. Only war, sufferings and death.

  5. i hope cardinal tagle re-thinks his position about elections run by the magical hocos pcos machines. is the cardinal not aware of the comelec’s refusal to put in place in the pcos machines the safeguards provided for by the automated election laws? if he is aware of the defects of using the hocos pcos, how can he be sure that the people will get the president, vp, senators, etc that they elected?? is the cardinal not aware of the 60-30-10 magic done last elections?
    while i can agree with the cardinal to wait out boy sisi’s end of term, i am must ask the cardinal to PRAY HARD that a yolanda type or ondoy type of typhoon or cebu-bohol earthquake magnitude do not hit the phil while we patiently wait for june 30,2016 to rid ourselves of this bad dream called boy sisi or blame duck

  6. The problem with NTC is they want to bring the Philippines down by going against the constitution. In addition, why now? Why during the time of GMA (the most corrupt regime) they did not in any way made this stand? And who are they to represent the Filipino people? I came from a poor family but made it successful (via job) during the time of Pnoy and where a lot of businesses abroad invested in the Philippines. This mongrels just want to destabilize the economy and bring back the old ways.

    In any case, granting for the sake of arguments that Pnoy made some lapses in his judgment, it is his prerogative and there’s a legal and democratic process on how he can be made to answer. And, any religious leaders, who would meddle in the politics of the Philippines are not really heaven-sent. They are sent by the devil in order to pursue their own self-interest. Let the people decide this coming election. I don’t want these same people to go back to manual election where they can rig the results.

  7. If NTC wants to muster full support it must answer the very good question which the Cardinal presented. Who will be this so called transitional government who will oversee these reforms they are speaking of? composition? who will select ? So are we going to put the Republic in full stop for a while? If Pnoy steps down how will the transition committee takes over? With this process, which is truly extra-constitutional should we need to amend the constitution? How long will the transition committee hold the power? should there be election next year?

    So many questions to answer. I dont like Pnoy to stay longer there but things must be done with due care, we should not commit the same mistake when people removed Erap thinking he is such an evil only to install a more evil president.

    NTC must clearly lay down its plan, and not simply issue statements to call resignation, it must present the outline of reform, the clear process so as to assure that there are no wolf in lambskin riding along with the NTC movement

  8. Anima A. Agrava on

    Kawawang mga Filipino. Pati yata si Tagle ay kakampi ng corrupt na Aquionop regime!

    • hindi yata naive and ignorant, there’s reason and motive behind this effeminate cleric’s position from an isolated ivory tower

  9. I’m a devoted catholic and I’m pro honesty. The way aquino lied thru out his almost 5 years in office has devastated the morality of his office. And I don’t understand why the good cardinal Tagle can’t figure it out. Isn’t it that honesty is the teaching of our mother catholic church?

    • Have you seen so far any clear framework on how will the NTC will effect this reforms they are speaking of? who will serve in the transitional committee?

      How could we be assured that there are no wolves hiding in lambskin riding along this NTC waiting to have their own selfish interest instituted in the reform process?

      To call the resignation is easy, to effect the reform is way harder…

  10. Cardinal Tagle is a good friend of Abnoy, what do you expect? Just ignore him he is just one of the few blind loyalist the Abnoy has got in his pocket. God forgive him for he knows not what he is saying. The words of his friend Abnoy surely refers to the Cardinal KSP (kulang sa pansin)

    • i hate to think that you are right about the cardinal’s closeness to aquinos. i read in one of the columns the other day, that the good cardinal with bishop soc went to malacanan with cory to ask arroyo to resign during the hello garci controversy. he was willing to ask arroyo to resign but not boy sisi. what a let down.

  11. tagle also hears the voice that is talking in the ears of aquino, kristd and his crook allies that they thought is the voice of GOD but truth is the voice only lets them hear what the voice is telling the “RELIABLE SOURCES OF TIMES AND MANILA STANDARD and other anti aquino papers about the anomalous activities of aquino and the cover ups his allies in the congress and senate were paid to do.

  12. For the Pajero recipients and ambitious people behind the NTC, wake up and just wait for the 2016 elections. Masyado kayong atat-na-atat magkaroon ng puwesta Malacanang sa pamumuno ni Binay. Wala ng pag-asa si Binay sa 2016 elections kaya kailangan ninyong gumawa ng NTC para sa ambisyon ninyo. Cardinal Tagle is totally CORRECT. Nobody at this time in the NTC who is totally free of sins to head any transitional government.

  13. Cardinal Tagle, just like PNoy, is also Chinese mestizo. His family is quite wealthy and he apparently did not experience any hard times when he was growing up. He studied in exclusive schools as well as was studied to the priesthood in Manila and in Rome where he was living in an enclosed seminary. In short, Tagle has never experienced any hardships growing up until being appointed Cardinal. Simply written, Tagle does not know what is actually happening in our society. He cannot empathize with the poor. He growing up in a privileged environment.