• History Channel takes its wild ride to the Philippines

    History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek host Jaime Dempsey is set to take on the Philippines with her motorbike

    History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek host Jaime Dempsey is set to take on the Philippines with her motorbike

    Biker travel docu host set to go from north to south
    AFTER conquering Malaysia and Brunei, History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek host Jaime Dempsey is set to take on the Philippines with her motorbike. For its third season, the unique travel documentary will feature a 30-day itinerary that traverses Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

    Positive feedback and constant requests from Filipino fans helped bring the show to the archipelago.

    “This season I got a lot of responses from Filipinos on my Facebook page. They all said, ‘Come to the Philippines, come to the Philippines’ so I put out their request and tried to get History to notice,” Dempsey at a press conference in Holiday Inn Makati.

    The series, which takes pride in showcasing off the beaten tracks and places which tourists and even locals rarely explore, gives the ever-adventurous Dempsey surprises and challenges at every turn. She gamely takes on whatever comes her way including, in previous seasons, joining an ancient headhunting tribe to search for a boar, and eating a dish of puffer fish, which is known to be poisonous if not prepared in a very precise method.

    Asked where she draws the line especially if danger may be in the horizon, the Californian replied, “I won’t do anything that would cause harm to anybody else. I won’t do anything that would cause harm to animals because I’m an animal lover. Nobody really asks me to do anything [too dangerous]but I’m pretty adventurous so I’ll try just about any activity there is.”

    For the third season, Dempsey will “take a ride on the wild side” through Bicol, Isabela, Kalinga, and Taal Lake, among others. Exploring Mt. Mayon’s lava trails, white water rafting, planting rice, learning balisong tricks, and getting a tribal tattoo from Whang Od, the last Kalinga tattoo artist, are on top of Dempsey’s missions.

    Greeted with the infamous Manila traffic from her drive to the airport to her first press conference, Dempsey laughingly assured the press, “I’m still coming in with a clean slate.”

    She is eager to try the food, especially since she is aware of the Spanish influence in the Philippines, and is excited to go explore the beaches.

    “I’ve heard the beaches are amazing!” she enthused. “I also know that there are windy mountain roads that are great for motorcyclists, but other than that I just like to go in with an open mind and take every experience as it comes. No expectations.”

    Besides biking for almost 10 years, the energetic host also surfs and snowboards. Complete with elaborate tattoos on her arms, Dempsey breaks the tomboy archetype by showing her creative side through fashion design. She designs swimwear and hopes to bring together her two interests by creating a line of motorcycling clothes for women.

    “There’s a lot of these man brands and men-driven motorcycle fashion around, and they don’t usually have a lot of pieces for women. They don’t know what we like to wear, it’s never really the right thing so I wanted to create one for women motorcyclists, and effectively combine motorcycling and fashion,” she related.

    “Hopefully in the future I can do that. It’s kind of a dream right now,” she added.

    Ropali motorcycles will provide the official vehicles, Ural and Kymco, for Ride N’ Seek, the Philippine edition, while Wrangler will gear up the host for her journey.


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