• How to hit a straight shot


    Every golfer’s dream is to swing the club through the ball perfectly, and produce a straight shot. This is one of the main reasons why golfers are continually challenged by the game. Hitting a straight shot solidly and constantly is the most difficult to achieve in shot making.

    There are various ways to hit a straight shot that goes along with different methodologies. I am happy to share with you my version of it. The development of the swing will depend on body strength, flexibility, athletic capabilities and the time spent in practicing the drills.

    Setting up for a straight shot at a 90-degree angle. PHOTO BY BUDDY DE JOYA

    Setting up for a straight shot is not difficult because everything is set at a 90-degree angle. The clubface is squared to the ball-to-target-line; your hands set at neutral position (with your hands hanging at address position you will see two knuckles on both hands while holding the club); your body alignment is parallel to your ball-to-target-line; your posture properly set with your hands and the golf club aligned to the center of the body with the club head soled to the ground; and, the ball is positioned close to the club face.

    The motion of the body and the club are actually an essential mix. The biomechanics part of the swing is challenging. It is recommended to maintain a single axis throughout the swing and you need to embrace the rotate and balance concept. There is no deliberate weight shifting which is very similar to walking, running and cycling. The rotation is executed in such a way that allows the swing plane or swing path to stay the same throughout the swing from backward to forward. The sole purpose of the hands is to hold the club and be passive, without the intention of swinging or hinging with the hands.

    It is understood that the biomechanics part of the swing is easier said than done. The appropriate drills must be done correctly to ensure a square clubface upon impact coupled with the correct swing path. It takes about three weeks to two months (at least fifteen minutes per day) for the biomechanics to feel natural. With enough knowledge, patience, perseverance and drilling; a straight and solid shot is definitely achievable.

    I will explain the drills on my succeeding articles for you to understand how it happens. It may be a bit more meticulous explaining it on paper but definitely worth the while doing so. I will have fun and definitely feel good in doing this for you.



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