• HMR-Santa Rosa security men illegally detained me


    If this kind of humiliation could be done by arrogant but obviously poorly trained security officers on as newspaper columnist, imagine how they treat ordinary shoppers.

    This unfortunate incident should not have happened had the security guard on duty been on his post to do his job.

    I admire the humility and patience of Mr. Perez to even allow the two abusive security officers to bully him into admitting an offense he never committed. But then the conduct of those two rascals could only be a reflection of the kind of service that store has to offer.

    If only to gives the responsible persons—and the company management—a lesson, Mr. Perez should sue them. I also believe a public apology by the store management is in order.

    And a final point: if this is the way HMR Philippines stores conduct business, they might as well fold up because no shopper in his/her right mind would even dare enter the stores’ door.

    Jun Medina, junmedinalpc@yahoo.com


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