• Why hold elections if results don’t show the voters’ will?


    SOMETHING very seriously wrong in our country’s political life is not stirring up the nationwide outrage it deserves.

    It is a more fundamental wrong than the DAP and the pervasive corruption of the Aquino administration.

    It undermines our Republic more than the theft of billions of pesos in pork barrel funds that should have been used for the hungry and the poor by nearly all our legislators.

    It dooms our democracy more than the unjust, self-serving campaign of President Aquino to destroy the Supreme Court.

    This grave wrong is the employment of the Smartmatic Automated Election Syststem (AES) that uses the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines. The system is an error-ridden instrument of fraudulent election results in the 2010 and the 2013 elections. Unless we stop it, the system with its PCOS machines will be used again in the 2016 elections.

    All the decent, unassailably upright men and women who have studied the Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machines, have spoken and testified to the evil of the system and the PCOS machines.

    The Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machines made the 2010 and 2013 results actually, truthfully, morally, and legally invalid. Yet the Commission on Elections continues to uphold that system. And will impose it again on our nation in the 2016 election.

    Why have the testimonies of qualified and credible persons of integrity, experts who have examined the system, and what the Comelec and the Smartmatic people did, have not caused a tsunami of outrage against the Comelec and Smartmatic? Is it because these testimonies have not reached the ears of the leaders of our country who value the importance of clean, honest, transparent and verifiable elections?

    The Cebu Declaration, by citizens, including high clerics of the Catholic and Protestant churches as well as Muslim religious leaders, are asking President Aquino to resign because he has been incompetent and negligent in attending to our country’s most serious problems and has coddled corrupt Cabinet members and other government officials.

    The Declaration states that the No. 3 sin and crime of Aquino’s presidency is “the total absence of any official effort to reform the automated election system, which was thoroughly corrupted and debased by the Commission on Elections in its effort to produce ‘machine-made’ and ‘de facto’ high government officials during the 2010 presidential and the 2013 senatorial elections, but which the administration is once again preparing to use in the projected 2016 presidential elections, without restoring the safety features and accuracy mechanisms, which the Comelec had illegally removed in the previous two elections.”

    Politicians are busily preparing themselves for the 2016 elections without a thought to the problem of the error-ridden PCOS machines that are programmable to deliver the results Comelec/Smartmatic technicians can arrange.

    Anti-Liberal Party and anti-Aquino activists are writing tracts and speaking eloquently on radio and TV about the corruption and criminal deeds of Aquino government officials. But they do not seem worried about our elections being made exercises in futility by the Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machines.

    If the leading citizens of our country are afraid that a People Power revolt against the corrupt President is not the wise and correct thing to do, they should not find it wrong to rise in revolt against Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes and the other commissioners for foisting an evil automated election system on our Republic.

    They should act in anger against those who perverted the 2010 and 2013 election results and will again pervert the 2016 elections.

    They should be asking: Why hold elections if results don’t show the voters’ will?

    And they should rise in revolt to remove the evil Smartmatic AES cum PCOS machines from our political life.


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    1. I agree the PCOS machines are error-ridden but the sad thing about it, the programming can also be tampered as in the case of a municipal election that I have witnessed. I have no proof of a rumor, administration candidates spend 60 million pesos to tamper the programming of PICOS and paid everyone involved in the voting process. Again it is a rumor that one of those involved in the tampering apparently said he got paid 500,000 pesos. Where did the rest of the money went, well probably it reach all the way to the commissioners. It is a big money making scheme that “don’t show the voters’ will”. No wonder the Comelec does not want to give up the PCOS. The election is loaded with corruption schemes, it is a mikey mouse election to say the least. My suggestion is, why don’t we just get everyone in one room and do a show of hands is more credible that the PCOS machine.

    2. I’m sure so many will disagree, but maybe (just maybe) a “flawed” elections is better than not having any elections at all.

    3. The questionable results of our automated election counting should be enough to revert back to an, open to all to see, manual counting.

    4. ito nga ang nakakataka,. nuong snap election under makoy, nagalit ang mga tao, which led to the end of makoy, ng mag walk out ang mga canvassers gawa ng outright cheating ni makoy. pero ngayon ang attitude ay WALA LANG, move on pero alam nila ang pangdaraya na ginagawa ng comelec sa elektion dahil sa hokos pcos. pagkatapos na makapandaya ang mga nakaupo, at saka angal ng angal sa kawalan ng pagbabago. heto ang maraming pagkakataon para magalburuto ang mga tao gawa ng pdaf, dap, hokos pcos, atbp. pero wala silang ginagawa at hinahayaan lang ang mga leftists to do what should be done.

      • nod if you agree on

        Noon, people only had to overcome their fears of reprisal from the one’s in power.

        Nowadays, after seeing what Edsa1 brought us. Would you still take a chance, and go out on the streets? Knowing na baka mas malala pa ang sumunod?

        The NTC, for what ever it’s worth should campaign to inform the ignorant masses. Hindi na dapat magpatuloy ang pambababoy na ginagawa ng mga dapat ay naglilingkod sa taong bayan, mga nailuklok sa pwesto sa pamamagitan ng hindi mapagkakatiwalaang systema.