• Holding on to the Sanders dream in California


    MODESTO, United States: Pundits have all but written Bernie Sanders out of the race but his fans are not letting go of their dream. They still want to believe he can take his promise of a fairer society all the way to the White House. Sanders is mounting a last stand in the progressive bastion of California, which holds its primary next week, to prove—against all odds—that he can defeat Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic standard-bearer in a match-up against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Three thousand people braved scorching heat to hear the Vermont senator pitch his promise of free health care, higher taxes on the rich and legal marijuana, a week before the final “Super Tuesday” of 2016 when six states vote including California.
    “If we have a large turnout, we’re going to win,” Sanders told the crowd, who roared back: “Bernie! Bernie!” and “Feel the Bern!” But Clinton is also campaigning hard in California to snatch victory from Sanders—and take his last remaining argument for staying in the presidential race off the table. And the odds are in her favor.


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    1. Floyd Clingenpeel on

      All one has to do is look at Argentina, Brazil, or Valenzuela to see the results of the “fairer” society sanders socialism brings