• Holes in disaster management


    (By Giovanni Tapang Ph.D, Opinion. November 14, 2013)
    Lone government helicopter landed in the typhoon ravaged Visayan province and unloaded a handful of sacks of rice as the aircraft can only carry such to give room to two heavyweight government VIP’s namely DSWD Dinky Soliman and Defense chief Voltair Gazmin. When confronted and asked by field reporter Benji Durango of News TV5 “why the government was so slow and delayed in providing relief assistance to the affected starving people” his sarcastic answer was “ Bakit? Anong araw na ba ngayon?” You see! Even Voltair Gazmin himself is bewildered whether he was too early or too late to get up from slumber.

    Sandy, bosscesarsala_101@yahoo.com


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