Do you have holiday hangover?


Head out to Casa Santa where Christmas never ends
If you can’t bear to take your Christmas tree down, not to mention your Pampanga parol, mistletoe and other holiday trimmings, just take a deep breath and do it.

Why so? Because if you can’t bear to leave behind the holidays, there’s always a place in the rolling hills of Antipolo where time stands still and Christmas is celebrated year round.

Nestled in an unsuspecting party venue not far from Metro Manila is Casa Santa, an internationally recognized Santa Clause collection that features old St. Nicholas in all shapes, sizes, and even nationalities.

Though unbeknownst to many urban dwellers, Casa Santa has in fact been written and televised through the Associated Press in 2005 and Reuters in 2007.

On exhibit in this merry home are over 3,000 Santas in every imaginable size and configuration. There are life-size Santas, singing Santas, a Turkish-inspired bronze plaque of St. Nick, and of course a Filipino Santa Clause.

At present, Casa Santa is considered as one of the most extensive private collections of Santa Clause items in the world. The items on display even extend to Santa blankets, a chess set with Santa figurines, to Swarovski studded Santas that riddle every nook and cranny of the generous space.

Moreover, the casa actually serves as an interactive museum where visitors are free to inspect the items closely. Whereas most museums are meant to inform by taking visitors back in time, this one aims to transport them into a magical world.

Casa Santa started out as a small personal collection of Jardin De Miramar’s owners, which grew in size over the last three decades. Eventually, the countless Santas needed a place to live, thus, a family rest house on the sprawling property was converted into a museum in 1995. Folk architect Rosario Encarnacion Tan and Japanese light designer Shoko Matsumoto collaborated on the project.

Casa Santa is located at Jardin de Miramar, 276 San Jose Ext., San Isidro Antipolo City. Though reservations are requested prior to visits, a very minimal entrance fee is charged.

For more information, call 817-1591, email, or log on to


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