Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Center inaugurated


Anthony Bravo, COOP NATCCO Partylist representative, commended NutriWealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC) for its bold step in venturing into a program on drug rehabilitation through the Holistic Rehabilitation Center in Bulacan.

Rehabilitation Center perspective

“As we break ground for a Holistic Rehabilitation Center, I commend you for taking this path to development. They say that drug addiction is a consequence of poverty or lack of opportunities for the millions of drug victims. Perhaps there is some truth in this theory, that is why rehabilitation and reintegration should come together as the most important component of the anti-drug campaign,” says Bravo in his message during the ground-breaking ceremony.

He added that millions of drug users and pushers want to change their lives and he is thankful to NutriWealth MPC for its initiative to help the drug victims to be back to their normal lives through the rehabilitation center.

Ribbon cutting ceremony with CDA Chairman Ravanera (2nd from right), Cong. Bravo, Rev. Jose Umali, District Superintendent, United Methodist Church PNP-Bulacan Col. Caramat, NutriWealth MPC Chairman Jay Galang, NutriWealth MPC General Manager Edith Mabuyo, and Lugos family.

He also pointed out that rehabilitation is a critical step in making the lives of the victims productive once again. After the rehabilitation, comes reintegration where there should be livelihood opportunities for the victims so they will not revert back to drug addiction.

“Our cooperatives will play a big role post-rehabilitation. Cooperatives can create a program to absorb rehabilitated drug victims and make them productive members of the community,” Bravo says.

Through these efforts Bravo believes that President Duterte will definitely welcome the initiatives of the cooperative sector. “We can show that the cooperative sector is not only a partner in alleviating poverty, we are also a partner in making our society drug-free,” Bravo concludes.


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