In as much as we plan our days, our schedules, and our routines, we can’t quite keep up simply because it is life. Life happens no matter how great of a planner we are.

Sometimes our lives becomes a tangled mess as we get lost in meetings, traffic jams, complaining about traffic jams, our newsfeeds, and just a lot of menial things. And one day, just hits you: What is this all for?

Does that ever happen to you? Don’t you ever find yourself in the middle of a busy day suddenly stopping from all the rush and just contemplating on life—especially now that we near Holy Week?

It is in these moments that you realize that no matter how many hours you clock in (yes, even for those who are absolutely in love with their jobs), how many friends you laugh with, and how much your life is filled with fulfilled dreams, none of these really fill up the emptiness that can only be filled by the source, Jesus Christ.

As the biggest Catholic nation in Asia, it is quite normal to include in normal conversations the graciousness of God. One of the things I adore about the Philippines is the openness to talk about the goodness of God without having to argue about religion.

And even if the country may have changed in how it has adapted into celebrating the Holy Week, the essence of it remains the same: it is a time to reflect on one’s life and most importantly, one’s faith.

The Holy Week is the only time in the year where the rush slows down and moments with reflective ones mentioned previously. It’s the time when we—whether intentionally or not—question specific life choices and the current state of our lives.

The Philippines offers so many beautiful churches that reflect the Stations of the Cross but a personal favorite is the Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross by Church Simplified in the heart of Bonifacio High Street.

Organized by Church Simplified headed by Bebo Bharwani, it has ran for eight consecutive years. What makes it different is the fact that it is both immersive and reflective.

More than just retelling the story of the last hours of Jesus, the Walkway exemplifies the reason why Jesus came, which is to take you suffering, to take whatever hurts you to make it His own.

With 14 interactive stations based on the four gospels featuring key characters in the story, people have taken a liking to it because it makes them. The interesting thing about Walkway is the fact that it takes away the stigma or exclusivity of religion to solely focus on the one Savior. Christians and non-Christians alike flock to the increasingly popular alternative because it makes what Jesus did centuries ago matter in 2016. It also makes people reassess their values and what’s important in their lives through the many questions offered by each station.

It has always been a great way to slow down and remind myself of the beauty of what Jesus did for me and for you.

As you slow down this week may you always remember that Jesus came to save us from whatever dark alley we find ourselves lost in, whatever the alley, God is right there, still ready to save you. He meets us exactly where we are and His grace is sufficient for all and by all means every single person, no matter what the mistakes, the circumstances, and the shame.

At the end of the day, the hollowness can only be cured by the world’s greatest light, not by religion, but by Jesus Christ alone.

Catch The Walkway in Bonifacio High Street from March 20 to 27. International band Switchfoot will be performing on Easter to celebrate the end of another successful year.

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