• ‘Home Sweetie Home’ as the new ‘John en Marsha’


    John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga who play married couple Romeo and Juliet in ABS-CBN’s Saturday night sitcom Home Sweetie Home are overwhelmed by comments that their show—which uses comedy in teaching couples about the do’s and don’ts in marriage and family life—is this generation’s equivalent to late Comedy King Dolphy and movie queen Nida Blanca’s legendary John en Marsha.

    In fact, when the show began in 2013, Cruz was vocal in saying he hopes the public will fall in love with Home Sweetie Home the way they did with the 17-year-old program over the now defunct RPN 9, since their goals are similar: To represent the everyday challenges of a typical Filipino household, and how to overcome them with love, prayers, unity, and a whole load of humor.

    To be part of every Filipino household which they would welcome every Sunday—just like the classic John en Marsha, which starred the late veteran comedian Dolphy.

    Three years into the show, Cruz and Gonzaga are eager as ever to continue being the bearer of positive values through their program, while providing a weekly dose of laughter and entertainment on TV.

    John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga (above) are thought to bring to TV the kind of joy late actors Dolphy and Nida Blanca (top photo) did in ‘John en Marsha’ for almost two decades

    “Romeo’s character is someone that you want to watch every week. He stands up for what he believes in. He has strong principles. Of course, we want him to set a good example to the audience, especially the younger ones. The role of Juliet is just the same. It’s important that we impart something good to them,” Cruz related.

    Despite their program’s success, the screen pair are not arrogant enough to say they see Home Sweetie Home running just as long as John en Marsha did.

    “Wala namang tumatagal ng napakahabang panahon pero sana kahit lingo-lingo, ma-achieve namin yung magandang nabigay ng John en Marsha noon sa mga tao ngayon,” Cruz ended.


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