A homecoming for Alex Cu Unjieng


For her first solo exhibition in her hometown, Vancouver-based printmaker Alex Cu Unjieng calls attention to the multiple ways that the female genitalia is interpreted in polite society. For this, the title Jouissance makes a fitting entry point (no pun intended) to expand the conversation, transcending the abjection so commonly and conventionally linked it.

Surrounding her audience with these images, Cu Unjieng gives both a name and face to that which has been hidden, condemned, and policed, but in its own way, celebrated.

Through this celebration of parts unknown, Cu Unjieng invites the audience to go beyond looking, beyond seeing, and towards the act of occupying the image with good humor and affection.

The art practice of Alex Cu Unjieng draws heavily from the intersections of being a woman and an immigrant, creating work that expresses a constant negotiation of identity. She received her BA in Visual Arts with a minor in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia.

For Jouissance, she combines printmaking techniques with watercolour and illustration.
The exhibit runs until May 4 at the Mezzanine of Makati Shangri-la, Manila.


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