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I have yet to attend the parents’ orientation of Homeschool Global—where Gummy is set to enroll for SY 2018 to 2019—but I have already gathered enough info about homeschooling to jumpstart our preparations.

If you are considering homeschooling, I am sharing with you today some facts I’ve known that drew me all the more to try it:

1. Homeschooling does not equate to lack of definite schedule. A flexi-schedule defines it better. Homeschooling allows children to have enough sleep and allot time for learning, playing and socializing. It makes up a healthy and holistic lifestyle that is conducive to raising a happy and well-rounded child. An unhurried life, as a co-homeschooling mom Mai Kaufman puts it.

In it, the parent creates the schedule to accommodate life skills and chores as part of the daily routine. For example, wake up call and start of class is up to the parent’s discretion and he or she can also decide if the morning is for academics and afternoon for activities like arts and sports. Moreover, homeschooling assures that learning of kids continue even if the parent-teacher has work.

2. Homeschooling gives children not only the freedom from schedule, it also gives them opportunity to explore interests they may want to pursue. They are not limited only as to what the HSG offers. If the sport or medium of art your child wants to pursue is not offered by HSG—like sculpting or pottery for art or figure skating for P.E.—or you have another voice teacher whom you wish to mentor your child, they will credit those lessons as well.

Prayer is the first discipline that a parent must teach her child

3. Homeschooling may be done in the home or anywhere—a café, resto or even a travel destination—basically allowing you to bring the school wherever you go. Basically, the world is your classroom. This is a plus for me as working mom—if I need to travel for work, I can bring her with me without disrupting her learning. Or maybe one day we’d want to take a trip to Bohol, for instance to study about bees, and her learning still continues.

4. You have the option to choose between two DepEd accredited curriculum: Traditional and Tech. The former has a more expensive fee, at around P36,000, and you choose the books you want your child to use whereas the latter has supplementary videos to support the lesson. It’s best to use the latter on days mom has overwhelming work load, it’s like having a sub-teacher! Plus the fee is half of Traditional and the books are already chosen for you. As such, I chose the Tech.

5. Exams are done online. And there is a quarterly portfolio presentation to the homeschool adviser, to also check on the child’s presentation skills.

6. The length of time allotted per subject is based on your child’s pacing. Since teaching must be concept-based and not pages-of-the-book-based, you can be speedy in Math but linger a bit more in Filipino—again, depending on your child’s learning pace.

7. As the teacher, the parent can choose how to teach her child based on the child’s learning style. Based on my observation and initial assessment, Gummy is a visual, aural and kinesthetic learner – in that order. She retains better through seeing photos or videos and hearing stories but also likes touching and feeling and creating with her hands. Having this in mind, I, as a reader, can teach her well through telling stories.

8. It will not be an easy journey. But I know for sure that God will enable me! By His Grace, I can claim victory at the end of every day!

I praise God for the provision—not only for the books and tuition and MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health) classes but also for the people He has before me whom I can learn from.

I thank God that when He opened my heart to homeschooling, there is already a sizeable community to be plugged into and connect with; support is within reach. As such, the child’s social life is no longer a cause for concern.

Ultimately I thank God for this opportunity to be the primary teacher of my child. At the pit of my heart I have always wanted to be a teacher. I did not think it would come true one day, and in this way. You are really a God of surprises!

I am ready for this new season, and my new job, Principal Papa God. Let’s go!

And since today is Labor Day, may I encourage all the laborers—that’s all of us, yes even stay at home mom—with this verse: “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58


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