• Honasan: Fight poverty to end criminality


    United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) vice presidential bet Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan on Wednesday called for sobriety amid calls to fight crime with violence, saying that the only way to put an end to criminality would be to solve its root cause—poverty.

    “Ubusin man natin ang lahat ng pinaghihinalaan ng krimen, hindi pa rin ito ang tunay na solusyon sa problema. Dahil ang tunay na problema ay kahirapan. Kaya para masugpo natin ang krimen, sugpuin muna natin ang kahirapan [Wiping out all suspected criminals is not the real solution to the problem. The real problem is poverty. So for us to be able to combat crime, let us first combat poverty],” the former military man said in an advertisement.

    The video ad shows the capture and torture of a minor suspected of committing a crime.

    The ad asks the viewer, “Paano kung ang anak mo ay napaghinalaan lang, dadamputin na agad at bubugbugin para sapilitang umamin? Paano kung sa anak mo mangyari ang ganito [What if your child is only a suspect, he will be arrested just the same and then tortured to make him confess. What if this happens to your child]?”

    Honasan, set to become crime czar under a Binay administration, believes that the problem of violence cannot be solved by even more violence.

    “How do you solve an idea for rebellion, cessation, insurgency, criminality and terrorism?
    [You fight it] with a better idea [and that is]good government. Address the root causes: social injustice, poverty, hunger, ignorance, homelessness,” he said during the first vice presidential debate.

    “We must recognize right to life, [and solve the need for]basic services: food, clothing, shelter, education, health services. That [is how we can]begin to solve the problem,” Honasan explained.


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    1. matino na pinoy on

      Fight poverty to end criminality? Eliminating poverty will not end criminality. If you fight criminality first, peace and order starts to flourish, so with government stability and the economy. Criminality must be put under control first before you can have a stable government. Honasan thinks that he can offer jobs to drug smuggles, drug lords, drug pushers, kidnap for ransom criminals, and all these illegal and criminal activities are eliminated. You cannot create a good government program to end poverty by not eradicating criminality first.