• Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa reels from ‘red tide’ menace


    PUERTO PRINCESA, Palawan: The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the City Agriculturist Office (CAO) here are advising the public to temporarily avoid consuming shellfish from Honda Bay in Barangay Santa Lourdes because of red tide.

    The shellfish ban was announced on Wednesday morning by CAO officer Melissa Macasaet, who said that a laboratory examination conducted by the BFAR detected 108 microorganisms per 100 grams of shellfish meat because of red tide.

    Macasaet said they made the announcement to protect the public from possible harmful effects of the algal bloom.

    The public is being warned against consuming hard- and soft-shelled clams, oysters, mussels, seaweeds (lato) and small fishes that are prone to red tide contamination because they feed by sifting microscopic food out of the water.

    Macasaet said consuming toxic shellfishes may cause human paralytic shellfish poisoning.

    “Initial reaction is tingling in the tongue and lips that can spread to the face, neck, and fingertips. It may also cause headaches, can cause dizziness and eventual vomiting,” she said.

    “We are issuing the advisory to protect the residents of Puerto Princesa from consuming shellfish that have toxins from the red tide,” Macasaet said.

    She said they will also immediately inform the public if there is no more red tide in Honda Bay so residents can go back to patronizing shellfishes collected from the area.



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