HONDA Cars Phils. Inc. (HCPI) recently announced Toshio Kuwahara has taken over the helm of its operations.

    Kuwahara is now the president and general manager of HCPI.

    “I am very privileged to be given a bigger responsibility in the same market,” said Kuwahara. “Rest assured that it is my goal to provide vehicles that Filipino customers dream of having. I anticipate that what our team has been developing for years are spot on.”

    Taking over Kuwahara’s previous post at the company is Masanao Kataoka, who was appointed assistant vice president and adviser for the marketing and sales division.

    The two executives assumed their respective positions on April 1.

    Kuwahara was named chief executive after Tatsuya Natsume vacated HCPI’s top position for a new post in Brazil. Kuwahara has been in HCPI for more than five years.

    “My job in the Philippines is very special to me not only because this is my first time in the country but also because this is my first assignment in Honda’s automobile business,” Kuwahara said during a press meeting.

    Prior to his move to the automobile business, he has held posts in Honda’s motorcycle business unit for Asia and Ocenia markets.

    Kuwahara said he is “working closely with Filipinos in both HCPI and Honda Cars dealerships” during his stint as marketing chief.

    “As one of Honda’s thrusts, we always make it a point to satisfy our customers in every aspect of their transactions with us. It is crucial that we know their wants and how we can deliver them,” Kuwahara said.

    He added Filipinos can expect new models soon.

    “We will keep you very busy this year,” Kuwahara told reporters. “Expect new Honda models to be available in the market soon. You will actually see the all-new City very soon.”

    Kuwahara also expressed optimism about HCPI’s new products, which he said could lead to a strong resurgence of the Honda brand in the domestic automotive scene.


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