Mugen accessories further make Honda CR-Z sporty, rakish.

    Mugen accessories further make Honda CR-Z sporty, rakish.

    MOTOR sports followers have known Mugen as a reliable longtime partner of Honda. Mugen adds flavor to, among others, Honda cars by providing sleek designs, aerodynamic kits and accessories.

    This story is about how Honda and Mugen had carefully crafted a vehicle that, although pricey, is still worth every shelled-out centavo—the CR-Z Mugen Edition. So, to determine whether one should get a base variant CR-Z or a Mugen Edition, let me lay down the cards for each and see if it is worth its price tag.

    The CR-Z Mugen Edition has the same 1.5-liter, i-VTEC engine with an electric motor, called the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), of the base variant. This combination provides better performance, thanks to the additional horsepower from the electric motor. With a seven-speed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the two power plants make 133 horsepower at 6,600rpm and 171 Newton-meter of torque around 4,500rpm.

    Basically, then, the difference between the base CR-Z and the Mugen Edition is in aesthetics.

    The more racing-inspired version of the CR-Z has a front under-spoiler that blends well with its aluminum nameplate grille that, compared to the base variant’s mesh grille, gives a more aggressive look. The Mugen car also has daytime running lights in the front bumper, near the fog lamps, and has rear fog lights placed on the rear under-spoiler for extra lighting.

    The sportier-looking CR-Z is also fitted with original Mugen 17-inch lightweight alloy wheels that spare the owner from the hassle of looking for true-blue mags. Complementing the car’s exterior front and rear chin spoilers are side skirts that give the CR-Z a lowered—if not slammed—look.

    These are just all for the exterior’s bottom part.

    The CR-Z Mugen Edition also boasts a wing-type tailgate spoiler for more fluidity without adding weight to the vehicle. Completing the exterior accessories are Mugen emblems placed near the driver and passenger doors.

    Inside, the car’s shift knob and mirror cover are made of carbon-fiber, which makes them a little lighter and racier looking.

    The price of the CR-Z Mugen Edition? P1.860 million for the manual transmission variant and P1.950 million for the CVT-equipped one. Are they worth it? For the Mugen followers, maybe. All the accessories are assured to be genuine as it came from Honda and Mugen, and the parts are engineered specifically for the CR-Z. Plus, there are the bragging rights that go with the Mugen car.

    The around P400,000 difference from the base model might be a bit pricey though for people who are industrious enough to check out the wide automotive after-market scene in the country. But then there’s always a certain price to pay for convenience and beauty.

    So the CR-Z Mugen Edition remains a target vehicle for the fun-loving adrenaline junkies on the road, those who want their carriage to be a sight for sore eyes.


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