• Honda introduces all-new CB750


    D4---Honda-CB650-220151222The four­cylinder CB range has a proud history dating back to 1969. Within that history, Honda’s middleweights have always found starring roles, thanks to the poise and usability produced by their combination of low mass and strong engine performance.

    In 2014, Honda bucked the trend towards ever larger capacity mid­sized machines. By introducing the CB650F ­ a true four­cylinder middleweight offering high style and specification, an easy­to­use all­around fun riding experience and real value for money.

    Brand new from the wheels up – conceived and developed by a young team of Honda engineers – the concept behind its performance turned the page on the CB600F Hornet, with which it shared no common parts. It was designed from the outset to put the rider fully in tune with the machine and offer arresting style, identity and attitude.

    The DOHC 649-cubic centimeter four­cylinder engine powering the CB650F is engineered to deliver high torque and response through the low­to­mid engine speed range, especially below 4,000rpm.

    Crisp pick­up above 6,000 revolutions per minute and – for the sake of reduced running costs – economical cruising at highway speeds was also a focus. The engine has also been designed to look good, with no external plumbing obscuring its lines. Sitting relatively far forward in the chassis for optimal weight distribution, the engine is truly at the heart of the machine.

    The CB650F’s steel twin­spar frame has a tuned rigidity balance along with cast pivot plates and aluminum swing arm. The rear shock works directly on the swing arm and is matched to a 41-millimeter telescopic front fork; the wheels are a new six­spoke design. Twin 320-millimeter front and a single 240-millimeter rear disc deliver the stopping power with two­channel anti-lock brake system fitted as an option.

    Crisp, aggressive lines and angular silhouette give the CB650F real visual appeal while the low center of gravity, slim feel, upright riding position and wide handlebars give excellent control. An HRC­inspired white, red and blue tricolor paint option provides the finishing touch.

    The CB650F’s liquid­cooled engine uses compact internal architecture, stacked six­speed gearbox and starter/clutch layout with the four cylinders canted forward 30 degrees. The DOHC 16­valve cylinder head employs direct cam actuation and cam timing that equals strong torque performance and drivability below 4,000 rpm.

    Peak power of 64 kilowatts (86 horsepower) arrives at 11,000 rpm with peak torque of 63 Newton-meters at 8,000 rpm. The engine is smooth at all rpms, with distinct inline four­cylinder character and resonance.

    PGM­FI fuel injection is fed through a down­flow airbox and narrow 30-millimeter high­velocity funnels, with intake gas flow routed in as straight a line as possible. It operates with information from four separate throttle body sensors on 32-millimeter throttle bores for crisp and accurate throttle response.

    To deliver good fuel economy at constant throttle (cruising at higher speeds) short valve overlap timing works with a specific ignition map; fuel consumption of 21 kilometers per liter gives it a range of over 350 kilometers.

    The swing arm pivot plate is forged then welded together, while the gravity diecast aluminum swingarm features a curvaceous shape that arcs over the muffler on the right. Adjustable for seven­stage spring preload the single­tube monoshock operates directly on the swing arm.

    Cast aluminum six­spoke wheels wear 120/70­17 and 180/55­17 front and rear radial tires. The two­piston front calipers and single­piston rear provide plenty of stopping power, with two­channel anti-lock brake system an option.

    A “Mass Forward” stance with minimal front and rear overhang gives the CB650F its muscular appearance, hunched and ready for action. The short fuel tank, shroud covers and sharp nose fairing add dramatic presence as does the stubby, shrink­wrapped upswept tail unit.

    The riding position is naturally upright and slightly forward, placing the rider close to the bike’s center of gravity. High, wide tubular handlebars give leverage and pillions get an ample seat and strap for security. Seat height is 810 millimeters and the narrow middle profile helps ground reach.

    The dash comprises twin large digital screens. On the left are the rev­counter and speedometer; on the right are a fuel gauge, clock, odometer and the warning lights. Both sides are lit by a white back light. A compact “wave” design ignition key offers improved security and reduced chance of breakage.

    The CB650F is available in the following color options: Pearl Himalayas White; Matt Gunpowder Black; Matt Gunpowder Black and Red; Matt Gunpowder Black and White; and Paddock stand Alarm.


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