• Honda RS150 is preferred motorcycle of Generation-S


    D4---Honda-RS15020160405A little over three months following its formal unveiling to the Philippine marke, the Honda RS150 has become the preferred sports motorcycle of the new breed of Filipino riders known as the Generation S.
    Generation S is best described as the modern incarnation of Filipino riders who are street smart, stylish, superior and certainly full of substance.

    These new breed of Filipino riders are also the inspiration of Honda Philippines Inc. in coming up with the latest generation of top-notch motorcycles to meet their most discerning taste.

    As a new generation sports motorcycle, the Honda RS150 has captivated the hearts of many Filipino riders, both young and old, in a short span of time. In fact, it is now regarded as the most exciting sports bike for the Generation S.

    The Honda RS150 undoubtedly meets the high standards of the Generation S for a stylish, superior and sporty sports bike. The motorcycle is also full of substance when it comes to technology and splendid engine performance. As a matter of fact, the Honda RS150 is the only motorcycle at this time that is powered by a new generation liquid-cooled, 150-cubic centimeter, DOHC, six-speed sports engine.

    The liquid-cooled engine of the RS150 comes with an auto fan. It also sports an advanced radiator with electronic fan that automatically switches on when the engine temperature reaches 103 degrees Celsius, thus ensuring that there will be no overheating of any kind that shall happen while on the road.

    The innovative engine of the RS150 carries with it the MotoGP legacy, which is tantamount to saying that it features a world-class racing engine ideal for sports motorcycle.

    With the excellent engine technology of the RS150, Honda has raised the bar in producing a sports motorcycle that is head and shoulder above the competition.

    The RS150 engine features an intelligent and accurate programmable fuel injection (PGM-FI) that optimizes the supply of fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber resulting to superb engine power with hardly any emission.

    The engine’s low emission is attested by the fact that the Honda RS150 complies with the stringent Euro 3 standards, which means that it has negligible impact on air pollution.

    Incidentally, the RS150 is the first motorcycle that has been classified under the Honda sports category and given its successful and positive entry into the Philippine motorcycle market, there will certainly be more to come from the company sooner than later.

    The Generation S have been all praises for the great and innovative features of the Honda RS150 that add to its remarkable engine including a futuristic digital meter panel, a sharp and sporty LED headlight, an oxygen sensor, a catalytic converter, a bank angle sensor and an auto secure key shutter.

    The RS150 also meets the demand of the Generation S for sporty and stylish sports bike as it also features a clip-on handle bar, a stylish tail light, a sporty cast wheel, tubeless tires, a sporty pillion step, and a sporty under cowl.

    As the street smart riders that they are, Generation S puts premium on riding safety. Toward this important end, RS150 features a twin perimeter frame, a front and rear disc brake, and a rear mono-shock for optimum shock absorption.

    Given their discerning preference for only the best motorcycles for the new breed of Filipino riders, it has now become obvious why the Generation S has put their seal of approval on the Honda RS150 and recognizing it as perhaps the best sports bike in the Philippine motorcycle market today.


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