• Honda to test detachable mobile battery in PH


    HONDA Motor Co., Ltd. will commence the testing of a detachable mobile battery in Romblon in the Philippines to enable the utilization of surplus electricity in areas where people have little or no access to electricity supply.

    The Japanese automaker announced on its website on Monday that it will start the demonstration of the Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger, a charging station unit that will look into reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

    Honda, together with Komaihaltec Inc., is planning to install the mobile power pack in Romblon this fall, it said.

    Komaihaltec will put up a wind power generator and generate clean energy. The Japanese company will then set up its Power Pack Exchange where excess power will be stored in its Mobile Power Pack to maximize energy use.

    Honda noted that diesel-powered generators are the primary source of energy in Romblon, making the island dependent on high-cost and high-CO2 energy.

    “Honda will verify the ubiquitous and versatile use of portable Mobile Power Packs as a power source for the electrical devices necessary for people’s daily lives, including electric mobility products as well as household appliances,” it said.

    The automaker is planning to evolve the survey and demonstration testing of its Mobile Power Packs in other countries.

    Honda said it will continue to expand its efforts toward the realization of “local generation and local consumption of energy” and a “carbon-free society” by combining technologies in order to generate, utilize, and get connected for energy.

    Honda Motor Co. Ltd. is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo that produces automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

    Komaihaltec Inc. is a Japan-based manufacturing company that designs and builds steel bridges, steel framework, and wind energy generating systems. It is also manufactures and installs construction machinery.


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